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Crazy Bat
Author: crazytom Submitted: 3rd November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 55

Edited By Rikus on 11/3/2010

Crazy Bat is funny game with four gameplay like bat n' ball or shoot'em up.

_ There are an easy and a hard mode.

_ 60 levels.

_ 8 types of enemies

_ A lot of Different items and bonus.

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Posted by Rikus 4th November, 2010
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No comments eh, that looks so sad. Well I played the game so here is my mini review. While the graphics are amazing and I loved the different enemies and power ups this is in its basic form a batnball game and after a while you just wish that this would be a different type of game. There is also a difficuly issue were I wish the game would be more forgiving and easier right from the start to build some trust with the player. Also this seems to be a demo and the full version you need to pay for, but for that to work the first couple of levels really need to be fixed up to be easier, you got all the elements there, the graphics, sound effects, music but the design of the actual game needs to be fixed up. That being said I am really looking forward what your next game is going to be.!
Posted by Spitznagl 5th November, 2010

That's some great graphics, but the gameplay is seriously flawed imo. The power-ups is an important aspect of this kind of game, but most of those you came up with work against the player. Getting frozen to then get hit by a skull isn't fun, nor is the reversed direction getting back to normal without any cue (that made me die a lot). Losing money is also very frustrating.

Your art is very professional though, and so I too am looking forward to your next project.

Posted by crazytom 6th November, 2010

thanks for the feedback. I've understood your reviews and I'm going to make a new version as soon as possible.

Have a nice day.

Comment edited by crazytom on 11/6/2010




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