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Solar System (demo)
Author: heltyman Submitted: 26th August, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 40

Edited By heltyman on 8/28/2010

******************* Solar System*******************

This is an action space game in demo version yet!

Basically you control a spaceship through solar system and destroy the enemies that appear.
Your ship has a battery supply that is consumed to produce energy. Energy is then used to speed, weapons, life and shield. You can manage how you want your ship to use this different items.
By now there are only 2 type of enemy ships and the game is very monotonous after a while...
However this is just a demonstration, I'm working on it =

Read the "help" file inside the download folder for controls!

I'll change this, but in this version you need to press "TAB" to change autopilot off at the beginning of tha game...

Hope you enjoy it! =

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Posted by The Chris Street 26th August, 2010

Can you please submit a better description for this game before we accept?
Posted by The Chris Street 27th August, 2010

No, I mean submit a better description Just edit this download.
Posted by Marko 28th August, 2010

I can't seem to be able to turn the ship round and play the game properly - how do you do this? It says the mouse changes the ship's orientation but how?
Posted by heltyman 28th August, 2010

you are right! you must press "tab" first at the beginning of the game :s
Posted by Marko 29th August, 2010

Not a bad concept, though the game is still a little rough around the edges! The gameplay is obviously still repetitive (you did say it's early days in the description) and the graphics need some more work to stand out a little. I will say though, with a solar system to explore you are on to something that could be BIG! And the ship's battery/shields/speed mechanics is working pretty well, so the building blocks are there!
Posted by heltyman 29th August, 2010

Thank you for your comment Marko!!!
Yes, the game is just in the beginning I'll make a project for it... Now that the ship mechanics are there I'll build a solar system to explore and a goal to players =





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