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Incomplete Mario Fangame
Author: SupaStix Submitted: 29th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 340

Edited By SupaStix on 7/29/2010

Hey, do you folks remember that Mario fangame I was working on since last year? Probably not.

Since I don't have any plans to ever work on this game again, I decide I should contribute something to this community by offering both the game's engine and level editor (with some extra goodies included) all open-sourced.

I don't expect this to be used for anything other than the source code, so whatever.

Now that I have done this, I wonder how this game would've turned out had I continue working on it...


Oh, well. Now time to start on a better project!

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Posted by Jon C-B 29th July, 2010

noooo that game looked so good...
Posted by SupaStix 29th July, 2010

While it may look good, it would just play like your average Mario game and I doubt anybody wants to play a carbon copy.

I'd just prefer to create something original this time...
Posted by Jon C-B 29th July, 2010

it wasnt just that. i liked the idea of the level editor aswell. But im sure ull be putting your talents to good use though.
Posted by UrbanMonk 29th July, 2010
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Why don't you just take the source code, change the graphics, and voila! New game!

If you don't I will.

My next platformer is going to use your code.

Posted by SupaStix 29th July, 2010

Be my guest. It'd be interesting to see what you can make from this.

My next project is using some portions of the source code, mainly the external loading part.

@Jon C-B: I plan to use an editor (with improvements) for my upcoming project, and yes, I'll use the best of my ability to come up with something engaging and innovative.
Comment edited by SupaStix on 7/29/2010
Posted by UrbanMonk 29th July, 2010
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I don't care about the external loading part, that doesn't work in flash anyway. Just the platform engine.

Thanks for the code, it's appreciated.
Posted by SupaStix 29th July, 2010

Yeah, I'm fully aware of your intentions (except the flash part). I was just answering your response about keeping the source code and making a new game out of it...

Oh, and you're welcome.
Posted by Lazernaut 30th July, 2010

It's a real shame you're not gonna finish this
Posted by The Chris Street 30th July, 2010

I remember this, you were the guy who released that amazing platform engine a while back with slopes and things... all with one detector.
Posted by SupaStix 30th July, 2010

@-eviscerator-: I know, but the game would've gotten negative reaction anyway because it's a fangame.

@Chris Street: Yeah, sounds about right.
Posted by Cream Cheese 20th August, 2010

When i try to open it with mmf2 it says its an unrecognisable format. i think because its a rar, but does anyone know what i have to do to open it?
Posted by SupaStix 30th August, 2010

You can't open .rar files unless you use WinRAR.

You can download it here:





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