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A Man With a Monocle demo
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 24th July, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 492

Edited By Johnny Look on 7/25/2010

Official site:

In A Man With A Monocle you follow the story of Henry, a noble turned traveler in order to discover the secrets of his mysterious monocle and his new friend, a ghost trapped inside and his guide through this journey.

This game features, among other things, an interesting and unpredictable story, some challenging old-school platforming action, a truly absorbing soundtrack composed by Johan Hargne and many different and interesting locations full of secrets and shortcuts.
The full version also includes a level editor.

I just want to add a few things: First off in my opinion the demo (and the trailer) doesn't do the game justice because it showcases the platforming elements mostly, and since many levels are skipped the story is not well presented, but that was impossible without making a very long demo. Second, I haven't spoken to clubsoft yet so the the sales won't go to tdc yet, only once he made an account with bmt micro.

And you may buy the game here (9.99$):

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Posted by Muz 26th July, 2010
Rated :

Dear god, the starting intro is annoying. Is there any way to skip it?
Posted by Muz 26th July, 2010
Rated :

Unfortunately, it looks like the demo just doesn't present itself well. The art style doesn't come together so well, might be because I full screened it on a laptop. The platforming elements seemed rather average. Deaths and bones seemed kinda arbitrary, I didn't really bother with either.

Sorry, but while it was well-intentioned, it didn't really showcase anything impressive.
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th July, 2010

Download links don't work.

You can mirror it here:
Posted by Callebo 26th July, 2010
Rated :

Just got done with the demo, and got some things I'd like to share...
There are some annoying things about the game, such as it seems that the monsters movement pattern all seems random and the payers movement engine still seems kinda buggy. I also don't think some of the monsters looks fit into the overall world, such as the red blocks.
But my number one issue with this game is that the gameplay is too standard! There really isn't anything original going on, perhaps except the secret places and such. I understand you wanna keep it safe since you're selling the game, but sometimes that's not enough.
However, I love the mood of the game! It's somehow all mystic, such as the brother(?) and the monocle. I by the way love how you merged the monocle into the game. The music is one of the big reasons to the mood, which sadly only plays at certain points (sometimes at random?), other times you just hear birds chippering and stuff. Would love to hear more music and not just foot steps and birds!

Overall, it's a decent game. The mood and story saves it, but the 10 bucks makes me go sad face since I think it's kind of overprice.
Posted by Johnny Look 27th July, 2010

Hey guies thanks a lot for the feedback !

I'll copy/paste a comment I just made on the frontpage:

"The focus on the game isn't all put in the platforming elements, I can't stress this enough.

People playing this game expecting a truly amazing platformer will be disappointed because that's not what it is and it never was my goal. It's an adventure game with platforming sections. There is a mood and a story, it's not just about running and jumping.
Perhaps the demo doesn't convey this idea well, but it's impossible for the player to know how the game is exactly only by playing the demo, let alone if he didn't finish it. "

Now on more specific issues:

Muz: Well getting all bones in the level will restore your health and the golden bones are for unlocking extras, but since in the demo you can't unlock anything, well you do have a point on their usefulness.

Callebo: Mmh what bugs did you find with the player's movement ? The testers didn't complain about anything and I didn't find anything either so that's odd. By the way, the monsters movement patterns are fixed, there are no random variables involved.
Posted by Callebo 27th July, 2010
Rated :

It's odd no tester noticed the movement glitching since I think it was kind of obvious.
To be more specific, when you jump to a higher platform which you barely reach, you get pushed up to it. There's also some weird things going on if you're in mid-air and touching a wall. Sometimes the character slows down, sometimes not.

By the way, you should add instructions to the demo. I accidentally found the run button which helped me alot, or atleast relieved me
Posted by Johnny Look 27th July, 2010

Well as for the first bug, that's not really a bug, it was made on purpose, it was necessary so that player could reach some higher platforms because of the tiles dimension in proportion to the player max jump height.
As for the second one, well I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about but I'll look into it.

As for instructions, there's a readme file included with some info on the controls, but I only put it in there yesterday so I assume you downloaded it before.

Thanks a bunch for the bug report btw !

Posted by Muz 27th July, 2010
Rated :

There doesn't really seem to be a point to restoring health, since the game doesn't even really punish you for dying. You could just jump off a cliff at the start of the new level to get full health again

Since the focus was on the story, you should've just put the demo on that. Give the player half the story, and let them see the other half if they buy it. But IMO, the interesting story bits moves along a little too slowly, it just didn't get me hooked fast enough.
Comment edited by Muz on 7/27/2010
Posted by Johnny Look 27th July, 2010

Well it would be impossible to show the player half the story without the demo being almost 30 levels long.

But I made a few changes on the demo, updated the readme file but still I think it will be very hard to make a demo that shows the story well.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 27th July, 2010
Rated :

The athmosphere and music is great, but all the nemies are just the same, but sometimes with different speed. It's very b;and in gameplay and you may want to make your enemies have different movement and attacks. Also, bosses are a nice feature. Those are my peeves for the game.
Posted by OMC 23rd August, 2010

Posted by Johnny Look 23rd August, 2010

You know, actually it's not something that I hadn't thought of before. I loved working on this game and,one day, I'd love to do some sort of sequel, or another game based on the same principles and story as this this one.

But for now I'll have to focus on Football Live and finish it, which is already a pretty big task.
Comment edited by Johnny Look on 8/23/2010
Posted by OMC 24th August, 2010

But that after Football Live.

Pretty please?
Posted by Johnny Look 24th August, 2010

Mmmh ok ok, I promise I'll think about it.






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