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Probe L
Author: Tadeon Submitted: 6th June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 48

Edited By Tadeon on 10/8/2010

Your ship's hyperdrive is offline and your only option is to find energy diamonds to bring it back online. You have to send an unmanded probe to investigate the nearby systems.

You can navigate your probe by moving cursor over beacons. With mouse you may also open doors and move certain beacons. Later in the game you can collect upgrades to your cursor (e.g. Paralyzer, Teleport and Reflector). With these abilities you can clear all kinds of obstacles. Game contains 21 levels each including hard mode variant and also an unlockable plus campaing.

It is highly recommended to play the tutorial levels first!

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Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2010

I think the pictures should be uploaded to somewhere that links it to the actually .jpg file
Posted by Tadeon 7th June, 2010

I moved the pictures to imageshack. Now it's works.
Posted by TheoX 12th June, 2010
Rated :

This game surprised me, and I like it. It seems like a very unique concept, though the control scheme seemed tedious once or twice. I've just finished the cyaneus levels, on easy. level 4/7 is REALLY hard, considering how narrow the middle passage is. I can't imagine what that is like on "hard" mode.

The music is great, I've liked Ceeyaked since I played Within a Deep Forest. Never heard of the other composer, but since I don't know which song is which here, I'll give him credit as well.

Overall, the game plays very smooth, and the puzzles are satisfying to figure out. Since I haven't played further so far, I'd just say: tone down the difficulty on cyaneus level 4/7.
Posted by Tadeon 12th June, 2010

Thanks for the feedback. Liitin made song which plays on Plus-campaing. Rest songs are from Ceekayed.

"level 4/7 is REALLY hard, considering how narrow the middle passage is. I can't imagine what that is like on "hard" mode."

Have you noticed that you can stop the probe with left mouse button? That should make the level much easier.

Posted by MJK 14th June, 2010
Rated :

It's a great concept and well presented. Though not the most appealing game at first, but I think many will be surprised positively if they give it a try.





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