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Neon Ninja 4: Final Revenge (Episode II)
Author: maciej123 Submitted: 6th June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 35

NN4 is an stealth/action 2D game. Player controls deadly ninja who infiltrates
enemy's HQ, hide, sneak behind and kill. You are the ninja, the last hope,
you are the hero.

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Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2010

This game has super lots of potential! But it is almost impossible because even when you are hiding and you try to sneak up on the bad guys, they always see you right away, there is also no way to block the bullets so once you are spotted you either run back or try and jump over the bullets but because the bad guys shoot bullets every other second, it makes the game impossible. That being said, if you start tweaking this you could have a really fun game on your hands here. I loved the graphic design and the voices are super fun. Start testing this a bit more, either by having the bad guys shoot less, have the main character block the bullets or once you hide have the bad guy walk into the other direction so he wont see you once you -unhide, right now he just keeps walking the same direction even if you are hiding so there is no way to escape one you come out of hiding. Hope this helps!





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