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The Classic Zombeh Game
Author: Kyle Strait Submitted: 16th April, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 107

AHHHH ZOMBEH's!!!! Who cares? You have a gun!

Survive the zombeh rampage for a good hour of wasted time! make it to 999,999 kills and you prove you have to much time on your hands!

Survive through hordes of zombehs that will stop at nothing to make you one too!

Includes 4 levels and 3 Bonus Games!

Also includes total of 5 skill levels each with a gun upgrade:
level 1 - 0 kills
level 2 - 50 kills
level 3 - 150 kills
level 4 - 400 kills
level 5 - 650 kills

For every level you get a gun upgrade but be warned! You are lucky if you even get 40 kills... deal with it

Controls: Arrow Keys move, CTRL shoots, Mouse aims... so there


So there ya go! If you wanna download yet another near endless zombie game then DOWNLOAD THIS NOW



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Posted by Asholay 16th April, 2010

Control scheme makes it incredibly hard to play...

Add mouse button shooting for the love of God, plus if you aim while still moving, it does some weird stuff!

Also, 2nd weapon fires in the most random of directions sometimes, and weapon 3 is rubbish compared to 1 and 2 - so it's essentially a penalty for getting that far.
Comment edited by Asholay on 4/16/2010
Posted by Jon C-B 17th April, 2010

Ok, but still needs work. You should definately make the player shoot when you click, and it is really weird how you don't look at the mouse when you move around. Also, the zombie can do through stuff you can't, like the boxes in the factory place and you skip quit when you press down in the main menu but the latter is not that big of a deal. I could help with the 360 degree shooting engine if you want.
Posted by Kyle Strait 17th April, 2010

hahaha wow Jon C-B and Asholay thank YOU! i never thought about the simple aim/shoot with mouse silly me also I am aware of the whole zombie collision issue... I couldn't figure out how to make a pathfinder with TGF2 ): thinking about upgrading to MMF2 because I get a discount... Also Asholay what do you mean by weird stuff? I never experienced anything o.O also weapon 3 isn't exactly worse either though because it has a large shot spread but slower ROF (rate of fire) Also Jon... I didn't know how to make a custom 360 engine so I just used built in will update in v1.5!!!

Posted by Asholay 17th April, 2010

Weird because if you move in a different direction to the mouse, then stop moving, it suddenly bounces you towards the mouse direction. I tried the shotgun weapon 3 again, and I think the rate of fire is way too slow for not enough benefit.

Also, weapon 2 shoots in some random directions if you move the mouse quickly, and even just holding it still, it can sometimes get stuck firing in really awkward directions - e.g. once I was aiming exactly on a zombie, yet the bullets were going either side of him... lol
Posted by Kyle Strait 18th April, 2010

Haha ok thanks for the feedback Jon C-B was nice enough to send me an open source 360 degree movement which should allow me to fix most of that also I upped the speed of the shotgun for the next build
Posted by The Chris Street 19th April, 2010

I could have sworn I posted a comment here... the name's too similar to "OH NOE I MAED A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT"
Posted by Kyle Strait 19th April, 2010

Haha I forgot about that game... thats on The XBox LIVE Indies channel... I have it on my 360 o.O I dont know if its the same game though





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