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Edited By MBK on 10/5/2009

"a decent description" ... There! .. it has it .. I'm good now right? Bad joke FTW!

I deleted the old download and it stole 100 points from me.
Guess that's what I get for trying to keep the site clean.
The older versions are on my project page.

JUMP = SpaceBar
WALK = Arrows
RUN = DoubleTap Arrows
WALLJUMP = Tap SpaceBar
(to jump off the sides of the walls and get to the top where the slopes are just tap space when against the walls)
(do not hold any other key while tapping space)

Please note that even though they look the same visually, the second slope moves into the background. This means that you have to hold right and up at the same time to walk up it without falling off. You'll need to hold left and down to walk back down it.

Thank You
Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man .. errm .. I mean game Engine Experimenter, MBK

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