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Super Mario and The Curse of the Ztars Demo
Author: Dark Link Submitted: 24th August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 72

Edited By Dark Link on 8/24/2009

This is the demo of Super Mario and the Curse of the Ztars when Summer began. I am touching up everything that obivously needs fixing, and adding new features. The newest demo should be released in a couple of weeks.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 25th August, 2009
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Another mario fan game?!?!

It looks decent though. Downloading...
Posted by UrbanMonk 25th August, 2009
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The slider at the top right corner breaks the game. After you click on it you can't move left or right any more.

-The GFX are ripped
-The Sounds are ripped

-The engine is good

Not bad, keep it up.
Comment edited by UrbanMonk on 8/25/2009
Posted by Callebo 25th August, 2009
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The game closed when I tried to pick another character other than Mario, I died when I jumped over the screen and I couldn't go through any of the doors... Wasn't very much here to see other than the engine wich looks promising.
Love the running animation Too bad it is ripped... Or?
Posted by Otter 25th August, 2009
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Not much more than engine, which I guess is okay.

Look, what really bugs me is the mix of SMB1 and SMB3 sprites. SMB3 sprites were the peak of 8 bit. Where as the SMB1 were just the beginning and look quite mediocre. I think you should use either all SMB3 or all SMB1.
Posted by Dark Link 26th August, 2009

Yeah, some of the sprites in the demo are ripped, but i am making my own, and puttin them in eventually.
Same thing with music

cant believe i got some 3's in there after all of the "graphical errors"

Posted by DMT 28th August, 2009
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I think that you need a little more development. And jump with up???
Posted by Dark Link 28th August, 2009

Yes, i find it easier to jump with up than shift or ctrl
Posted by DMT 29th August, 2009
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I like it with a button jump. It's more Mario.
Posted by Dark Link 29th August, 2009

button as in the default shift?
Posted by DMT 11th September, 2009
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