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Mecha Ghost,A New Dawn...Of Terror (demo)
Author: 0ko Submitted: 22nd August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 246
161st Place     (3.75 / 5)

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Mecha Ghost,A New Dawn...Of Terror. an overhead action game,if you want to see the story
you can watch the prologue.

I don't want to list much of the features,as that will explain ALOT of things..that I want the player to find out.

upon downloading besure to read the "how to play" text document.
this two level demo takes place in washington D.C.
the full game will have: checkpoints,collectables,multiplayer,and a few other features I can't quite remember right now

hope the lack of information won't make you decide to not download.

A screenshot! (hope it works) 

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Posted by 0ko 22nd August, 2009

currently having difficulties posting the image links
<br />
...ok EXTREMLY fustrating..i keep posting the direct link for the screenshot(s)and it just doesn't work!
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Comment edited by oko on 8/22/2009
Posted by Rikus 22nd August, 2009

Fixed it for you its photobucket acting up.
Posted by 0ko 22nd August, 2009

thankyou rikus!
Posted by [DELETED] 22nd August, 2009
Rated :

I really enjoyed it. It's obvious a lot of effort has been put into the game, and it shows The cutscene/prologue was really good and just little things in the game like the beginning sequence before you gain control of the character etc. Keep going!
Posted by Aden 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

im going to download now will give feedback
Posted by Aden 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

ooh thatt was realy good the movement was a bit weird at the start but i soon got used to it i think the only glitch i encountered was on the first level i glitched to the 2nd level i dont know how
Posted by Moonyjacob 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

It's a change (A damn good change) to see something other than wannabe Mario games, and something that actually has some good violence and guns in it, but I didn't enjoy playing this game at all.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

Really impressive top down shooter. The graphics and animations were good althought they looked paintish. Frankly, the prologue was crap and didn't look so good. The engine was well made but some features like reloading and flying shell casings could be added.

Nice to see games like this for change.
Posted by Marko 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

Really excellent engine, the movement and controls were great and the shooting was precise and never felt unfair. However i didn't think the graphics suited the game style/story/setting and neither did the music, which i felt was way too up-beat for all the blood!

A bit more ammo would be nice too, if only because firing your gun is so damn fun! I will defo look forward to playing the finished game later this century! lol
Posted by [DELETED] 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

I will elaborate and say yeah I agree the prologue didn't have good graphics, but you can see how much effort was put into it and even if it's not visually appealing for everyone, it was pretty well done and not too long.

As said, it was just really refreshing to see a game with more attention paid to those sort of details, and the way the player begins the levels before you gain control. The second level though was a little too repetitive.
Posted by Marko 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

Yeah the way the level started with the player's character under CPU control was cool!
Posted by 0ko 23rd August, 2009

all of these comments were very encouraging,thank you.
<br />

<br />
@aden please define the what glitch,and where? i would really like to know so I can fix it!,lol.

also,about the prologue,yeah...I suck at drawing,lol.
Comment edited by oko on 8/23/2009
Posted by Otter 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

Very fun game! The prologue in my opinion really let it down though. I think you should find a good graphics artist to help you out. Personally I think this game would look much better with realistic graphics instead of these cartoony ones.

For the main part though, it's all out fun, and that's what matters.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 23rd August, 2009
Rated :

The prologue was cheesy, but it was funny/nostalgic cheesy. I'd leave it-- but make it a little more cheesier.

The gameplay was fun, and the firing system was easy to figure out. I love the soldiers' comments-- very funny. I'd love to see more of this, but the graphics could use a little more work (although I know, this is a demo) and it'd be helpful if the window size was bigger.

i.e., I'd like to be able to see a little farther in front of me. Great job!
Posted by 0ko 23rd August, 2009

finally a comment on the talking of the "soldiers"(techno-terrorists)!
the window size I cannot fix,tried making it way bigger once,totally didn't work out.
Posted by erghhhhx 24th August, 2009
Rated :

Pretty cool game, I like the concept.

Could definately do with some music and soundeffects..
Posted by 0ko 24th August, 2009 speaker on?,lol it has sound effects and music,(wav).

Comment edited by oko on 8/24/2009
Posted by thanimag 25th August, 2009

Well can't say this game is one of my favorites, I thought all around it just wasn't that great and needed more time put into it.





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