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Creatures Of Resland
Author: Jeffrey Beyer Submitted: 6th June, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 70

Edited By Jeffrey Beyer on 6/6/2009

Edited By Jeffrey Beyer on 6/6/2009

This is an early Alpha of a game that we are creating. It is based on the Pokemon Games by Nintendo, but with some new characters and battle engine. As this is just a Alpha, not everything is implemented yet.

We hope to update it every so often.

Constructive Criticism is welcome.

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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 7th June, 2009

Could you please tell us how to get past the title screen? I press every key on my keyboard and nothing happens!
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th June, 2009

seriously? you click on it
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 7th June, 2009
Rated :

This game is quite a mess. Poorly resized and random sprites, all mixed up with a boring and uninspired rpg engine.
Posted by erghhhhx 7th June, 2009

Yeah, work on it some more before you upload.
Posted by Jeffrey Beyer 7th June, 2009

the game is still an alpha. also, help more by telling me whats wrong with it, not "this game is quite a mess"
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 7th June, 2009
Rated :

Okay, let me list some of the major stuff... First of all, about 75% of your sprites is ( partially) blurred, which isn't okay with pixel art like this. Second, The monsters look totally different when it comes down to drawing style, outlining and shadows. If using random pictures is your idea of having "new characters" then you have a long way to go. Lastly, the battle engine... It just looks and feels uninspired. There's no innovation or creativity added in. Anyone can add four buttons with a internet meme in it.

That is all for now. I hope this is somewhat helpful...
Posted by Jeffrey Beyer 7th June, 2009

the monsters are still a work in progress. Also, the battle engine works well. I still need to create new graphics for it. thanks for the comments, they helped alot. Also, I never realized that I used an internet meme. that will not be in the new version
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th June, 2009

You really ought to redraw the background tiles yourself instead of using Pokemon tilesets. Especially if you plan to put a lot of time into this game. It's good to make something you can be proud of.
Posted by ELC_Games 8th June, 2009

I worked on this game, so I'm equally to blame for its faults

Yeah, we are definately gonna put a heck of a lot more effort into this project over summer. I've hardly had time to work on it with so many finals towards the end of the school year, and we will adding some much needed improvements and more original graphics over summer.

Sorry if the current build is dissapointing, but we spent a large amount of time looking for sound effects and fitting music. I'm still learning a bit how to make games in Multimedia Fusion, so this is a bit of a new experience for me. I assure everyone once we finish a final build and polish it as much as possible, it will be much better.
Posted by [DELETED] 8th June, 2009

If your focus for this alpha is feedback on the actual engine rather than the graphics (which I assume are placeholders), you should specify in your description for the download otherwise you'll find 80% of the comments will be made about the graphics.
Posted by ELC_Games 8th June, 2009

The main focus of this project was the engine. We just spent about 2 weekends working on the base engine, so we'll make sure to make as many improvements as possible over summer.

I've done simple platformers before, but RPG battle engines are a whole new thing for both of us. Part of the reason why the battle engine may seem so bland at the moment is that
1) We haven't separated you and the enemy's attacks into turns.
2) Of course, we'll fill out the game with better sound effects later
3)We've used exact values instead of random ones for each attack until we can figure out HOW to randomize attack values.

We couldn't real find any battle engine tutorials for Multimedia Fusion on google, so I think it'd be best if I posted the concern on the boards.
Posted by 0ko 8th June, 2009

random values? unless I misunderstand your problem, there's 2 ways of doing this,the first one is:

+set alterable value B of badguy to random(5)+10


enemy's turn
+subtract random(5)+10 from players alterable value A

(this is assuming alterable value B is attack value and A is health)

omg! so many line breaks........
Comment edited by oko on 6/8/2009
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Posted by Sumo148 8th June, 2009

wow, that's a lot of <br />
Comment edited by Sumo148 on 6/8/2009
Posted by ELC_Games 10th June, 2009

Oko, thanks for the advice. If I had known it was that simple before, I would've done it. You've made things a whole lot easier on me, thanks.
Posted by [DELETED] 11th June, 2009

I think something to consider is not having damage completely random but be determined from the player's level, stats, crit rates etc. Think about how the actual Pokemon battle system works. This way it leaves it less to chance (though chance is useful for critical hits and some moves which are not always consistent in damage) and will balance out the game actually motivating the player to raise their level, stats, attacks.
Posted by ELC_Games 12th June, 2009

Hmmm, I'll have to take some tutorials on how the leveling system would work, but hopefully all will work out in the end.

I want this game, in part, to juggle a lot of factors, like stats when you level up, switchable characters, and maybe some describing info for each character. I just got out for summer, so I hope all this time will give us a chance to try out some new methods.
Posted by [DELETED] 13th June, 2009

By all means keep working on it, when you get further with the engine upload it, perhaps you should be keeping a project page instead though
Posted by Watermelon876 17th June, 2009

Hey I am almost finished with my open source RPG Battle system, so you could try that. Just saying. AND I KEEP LOSING!Image although that may be because i just suck...
Oh yeah try Paul's Nightfall Tutorial. That one is awesome! Image
Keep working on it! Good luck!
Comment edited by Yash on 6/17/2009





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