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Dragon and Weed : Black Ghost OPS 2.0 demo
Author: AtA Submitted: 3rd June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 69

Edited By AtA on 6/4/2009

Edited By Rikus on 6/4/2009

This is the project page :

It's an action/infiltration 2D game.
The player take Dragon and Weed two mercenaries who have to eliminate the Nemesis threat.
The level presented in the demo , is the first of the game.
Dragon and Weed arrived in a Baadra city ,devasted by the Nemesis.

This is the controles (by default)A: Go to the left
D: Go to the right
W: bend down , lie down twice
E: Pick a weapon
R: Reloading Manual
C: Using the Command Gear
V: viewfinder mode (only for snipers)
T: interraction (hide behind objects/ enter-leave a vehicule)
Scroll down / left arrow: Change primary weapon
Wheel up / right arrow: Change secondary weapon
Right click: Use secondary weapon
Click left: Use primary weapon
Space: Jump
Enter: Pause Menu

For more informations and tips read the pictured tutorial (include in the demo)

Little video :

Good game

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 (61 mb )

Posted by Silveraura 4th June, 2009

So how did a 61MB game with barely any description and no working screenshots, get accepted? Just curious.
Posted by AtA 4th June, 2009

done : And I don't know why the screens don't work :S
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 4th June, 2009

Jeez! Did you record that video with a camcorder?
Posted by Rikus 4th June, 2009

Weird I had to -re-save the png files into a jpg file for it to work. Took like 4ever to download. Could be a server thing on your end. Was anyone able to download the game itself?
Posted by AtA 4th June, 2009

thanks Rikus sorry about that :S

@Falcon Eaglehawk : yes because when I do it with Camstudio it's laggin to much :S I'll make a new video this afternoon
Posted by steve 4th June, 2009

the video makes it look very bad (for lots of reasons) you might want to remove it.

Downloading game anyway..
Posted by steve 4th June, 2009

ok, tried it. Very disappointed as I was looking forward to playing this but the game is unplayable.

*collision detection is extremely bad
*character walks on air occasionally
*character is raised by the lifts even when he is no-where near them
*game control is very unresponsive - I press space bar and two seconds later he jumps
*There is NO collision detection on enemy when they are shot. This is the worst offense (in any game) it's the reason I hate the tomb raider series.

If someone is SHOT they're at least going to recoil or show some kind of response but not here.
*"Game over" as soon as you touch an enemy?

The design and graphics (when still) are pretty good but the gameplay and animation needs alot of work.
Posted by AtA 4th June, 2009

Okay thanks for your impressions.
I'll see what can I do for the collision system.
And for the game controls un responsive , I don't know what's your PC but in mine and testers one the controls are responsive...
Posted by steve 4th June, 2009

My PC is pretty fast. I don't have problems with other games, it was definatly something going on in this which was causing unresponsiveness.

But anyway, the basic gameplay engine needs an overhaul.

Good luck

edit: btw when I said there was no collision on enemy what I meant was -there was no effect or animation when enemy were hit. When there really should be. (just to clear that up)
Comment edited by steve on 6/4/2009
Posted by AtA 4th June, 2009

Thanks , for the ennemy there is an animation in fact but with powerful weapons.I'll talk with the programmer when he will not busy.





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