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360-degree shooting and platform engine
Author: Saml Submitted: 28th May, 2009 Favourites:0
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Edited By Saml on 5/31/2009

Edited By Saml on 5/31/2009

Edited By Saml on 5/31/2009

This here is a pretty simple platforming engine, but it includes a comprehensive 360-degree shooting engine, supports infinite amounts of interchangeable weapons (It's really simple to add a weapon, just copy and paste the example weapon's behaviors into your weapon, change the references to the example weapon to yours, and repeat for the one other event in "hand"'s behaviors.) I made sure to comment all events/behaviors, so it should be pretty understandable. Tried to eliminate redundancies or useless events, but there's always room for slimming.

As The_RaiDK pinted out, there are multiple files available
from that link, so just choose Blueguy.mfa.

(Don't know why the screenie's black, tried to fix it 3 times now...)

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Posted by The_RaiDK 31st May, 2009

Which file is it?
Posted by Saml 31st May, 2009


Sorry about that...
I wonder why it did that?
Posted by ThaMan 21st July, 2009

link dont work





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