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Author: Poobical Submitted: 12th May, 2009 Favourites:2
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Here is a demo of the first level from Squeak:Robomouse.

The level is called Totem Recall and it's the first level. I hope it isn't too hard. If it is, tell and I shall dumb it down for it's real release.

Left-Right Arrows: Move
Shift: Jump

When near a socket, press up to charge Squeak with it's power.

Anyway it's just a demo, so some bugs and stuff might still be in there. Anyway enjoy, and try and collect all the gems =P

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Posted by W3R3W00F 13th May, 2009
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For a demo, this is fantastic so far! I really like the concept of charging Squeak to gain abilites and trying to reach the finish while avoiding traps.

The platforming feels very fine tuned. I also thought the sound and music were both great choices for the game.

Keep it up, cause I can't wait for the full game!
Posted by Jon C-B 13th May, 2009
Rated :

Liked it, but I still preferred the old mouse. I'm glad he can do a jump with out having to charge all the time and i though it took a little too long to charge up. Other than that, pretty good!
Posted by Ski 13th May, 2009

You keep giving demos 5 stars, please consider the fact that this is only a demo and not a full game.
Posted by W3R3W00F 13th May, 2009
Rated :

The real rating comes when the full game comes. Please consider downloading the game if you plan on posting a comment. And please also consider the fact YOU rated Ziggy, even as a demo.
Comment edited by ωξяξW○○F on 5/14/2009
Posted by OMC 13th May, 2009

*Holds back the threatening avalanche of rolling cows*

Oh, that gives me a game idea...*Scurries off to lab*
Posted by UrbanMonk 13th May, 2009

I liked it, but (here it comes) I don't think that the charging meter should start over whenever you charge again. You might have a reason for that that comes later on in the game though. So I forgive.
Posted by maVado 13th May, 2009

the gfx need better colors, more shading, more black and dark colors.
Posted by Poobical 13th May, 2009

Cheers for advices guys. The sprite changed because I felt the small mouse wasn't big enough, but looks like I'm back to the drawing board again.
@UrbanMonk: That charging meter is just a bit of a glitch at the moment that needs working out. =P
@maVado: I'll see what I do with the graphics.

Just to say we've got a slight team working on this now, being me, my friend and my girlfriend. (sigh she wants to design levels >.< Anyway so them helping out a little bit made me get back into coding some poob! Yay!
Posted by maVado 14th May, 2009

Ok I played it for a bit now, that recharge thing is a good idea, recharging always starts at 0, probably a bug, it should recharge just the amount that is missing.

Those trees are horrible, you should redraw them, and use shading.

Good luck with your game.





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