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Star Beast Demo
Author: Ravi Jayant Submitted: 5th May, 2009 Favourites:2
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 150

Edited By Ravi Jayant on 5/10/2009

Edited By Ravi Jayant on 5/6/2009

The demo for Star Beast. We wanted to enter in a competition my college was having so we decided to submit a demo of this game. While we were working on a playable demo, I decided to release it here, as well.

Use the Arrow Keys to Move, Control to Shoot, Shift for Bombs, Number keys 1-5 to Change Weapons, and Space for Coolant.

To fully enjoy this game, be sure to read the read me text included with the download. Be sure to install the fonts, as well.


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 (15.06mb )

Posted by weka 6th May, 2009

Broken download link.
Posted by AndyUK 6th May, 2009

It says
"Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team."
Posted by Assault Andy 6th May, 2009
Rated :

You might want to change the 59.12 mkb download size, as it's only 7mb, it will deter people from downloading.

The engine is pretty good and I really like the sound it makes when you hit an enemy. The bassy-ness of it makes it feel really awesome.

The demo is good but one thing I really don't like is the way that you instantly die when you hit a wall. It's really quite annoying when you get pretty far and then you just accidently nip a background. I think it would be much much better if you just took some damage and bounced off a little.

Keep it up and I look forward to the full game.
Posted by Chloe Sagal 6th May, 2009
Rated :

very good stuff! i left a better reply in the project page, but i at least wanted to rate it!
Posted by Ravi Jayant 6th May, 2009

Thanks Chloe! and I agree Assault... I will look into different methods. Thanks for the idea.

Comment edited by Ravi Jayant on 5/6/2009
Posted by Eric Lism 6th May, 2009
Rated :

I ran it through wine, as I'm in linux, and it worked flawlessly... appart from the fullscreen messing some stuff up, but excellent work! Great graphics and sound, only a couple of things that annoyed me:

Make some kind of success message for beating the boss,
The wall clingy things bullets weren't moved with the scrolling.
Aaaaand... small annoyance, speed things up a little? it was a bit on the easy side
Posted by AndyUK 6th May, 2009

Yeah very easy. I usually struggle terribly with shoot-em-ups. I'm not really a fan of the genre but this was really easy.

It looks good, but not amazing. It's a pity in the background everything seems to be filtered. I guess I just prefer the clean look of hand made pixel art.

It's a good start though.
Posted by Jon C-B 7th May, 2009

Liked it. The graphics were nice and all the weapons were cool, but I also think that that the background hit is annoying. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Ravi Jayant 7th May, 2009

At Jon, I think I am going to change the one hit background thing. I am just gonna make the ship bounce off and take a lot of damage!

At AndyUK, we made this demo purposely easy so people can get familiar with the game but rest assured, the game will be ridiculously hard! ALSO to tell you the truth, I don't really like pixel drawn stuff... sorry Image (everyone else seems to love the backgrounds haha)

And Finally, Eric. I'm glad you liked it! We were going to add the message BUT we ran out of time(for the competition at my college)! As for the background thing, I am going to change it!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game and comment! I really appreciate this! Image
Comment edited by Ravi Jayant on 5/7/2009
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th May, 2009

I don't like the walls that you collide with. As far as the look goes, they have poorly drawn black borders. I don't know if that was intentionally or just a side effect of your graphic programs antialiasing. Which in that case you need to include the alpha channels when you export them.

I like shmups, but this one, as said earlier, was too easy.

I'm sure I'll be great when it's done though!
Posted by nim 8th May, 2009

The final boss just sits there doing nothing. Is that intentional or was it a bug? I only played through it once. Looks nice, though
Posted by Ravi Jayant 8th May, 2009

haha we didn't have time to finish the boss. haha but yeah we will eventually get to that... in the updated demo

Anyways... UrbanMonk, The backgrounds were given to me like that from the level designer... and I didn't really touch them.. but I will talk to him about it and get it fixed... its on my list of things to do

Thanks for the positive feed back, though




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