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Final-Frontiers[Planetary Invasion]
Author: sunraider3 Submitted: 14th January, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 95

Edited By sunraider3 on 1/18/2009

DESCRPTION OF THE FF3 RTS: Final Frontiers is a futuristic RTS. It's set in post-nuclear winter orbit after a nuclear winter. Every major military power was absolutely destroyed. Out of the anarchy a new unity evolved, bridging all racial and religious divides, uniting the human race against a terrible virus which has taken control of the bodies and souls of a crew on the u.s.s. leviathan and has commenced to infect every shuttle or satellite in its reach. We must stop this menace before the entire human race is exterminated.

this version of the game is just the planetary combat. (the rts part is also available on daily click)
its a Top Down Shooter, and there are 3 Gameplay types:

Random Maps- try and capture all the command posts while holding off waves of zombies and carriers.

Campaign-fight on different worlds with a set squad or capture command posts to get reinforcements.

Map Editor.(SANDBOX)-although i have'nt added all units you can just play around with the ai and excessive amouts of blood.


*"Map editor"{Actually Just a Sandbox mode really.}.
*Useable vehicles: Turret and a Military speeder.
*3 different weapons.
*5 different enemies.
*basic AI.
*Sketched up Menu.
*nearly simple controls.

this WILL be what the planetary combat phase of the RTS Final Frontiers [Purge Chronicles*] will be.

*Yes this game IS related to Rivalry-PC

--------> the screenshot is of the menu NOT the game.
{the game is better}<--------------------------------------

No your speakers havent blown out, i have not added sound yet (it keeps the file nice and small)

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th January, 2009

get that screenshot working and we'll add it to the site!
Posted by Flava 17th January, 2009

Sorry Shab I accepted this by accident
Posted by Silveraura 18th January, 2009

Theres some motivational confidence for the guy who submitted this.
Posted by Kazuma 21st January, 2009
Rated :

This wasn't very good. Most of the time, I had no idea what was going on. Then I magically warped to the next level.

Also, there's no AI. Everyone just bounces around. Then in the next level, they all came at me and killed me. Not very fun.
Posted by Marko 25th January, 2009
Rated :

Hmm, where do i start? There were some good things about this demo and i'll get to them shortly, but here's what i think you could improve upon;

1. The enemy AI needs to be more complex, they appear to just bounce everywhere.

2. The enemy and player move way too fast, making the game move too far towards luck than skill-orientated. Not that it doesn't require skill, but it would be more fun if luck played no part in how it plays.

3. Some enemies take too many shots to be killed (the bouncy ones especially) and don't pose much of a threat either.

4. A tutorial would be nice too.

Like i said, there are good points - the range of options is cool, love the random map generator idea. Also, there were some really cool special effects such as the blood and smoke effects - very nice! I thought the whole scale of the battles was great too - so many enemies and such a big map, it has the potential to be great!

Keep your ideas coming and tweak what you've made so far, this could be really fun and a hit on TDC!
Posted by sunraider3 30th January, 2009

thank you everyone for your helpful comments! i will be instituting most of them soon!





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