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Harana is a survival-type game.
Your main objective is collect coins and survive!
Be the best - this game have got online scores: (outdated - new online scores soon)
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Posted by 9th January, 2009
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The zip file is broken.
Posted by p98 9th January, 2009

I use 7-zip and I haven't any problems.
I uploaded 7z file - check it
Posted by 10th January, 2009
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I works now. That's weird, because I have 7-zip aswell. I'm gonna go try it now.
Posted by 10th January, 2009
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Well, my high score is one above "Sir DickNigger the 3rd"

The game was "Okay" the movement was very smooth, but there really wasn't much to do, and what there was to do wasn't that interesting. It's promising, but I think there could've been alot more done to it, like different enemies maybe? I don't know if there were any other enemies, and if there was, it took way too long for them to come out. And it's way too easy. I literally stood there for 10 minutes before I finally died. But, I must say, it seems like it was coded decently, and that's the hard part (in my opinion). I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Posted by Zezard 13th January, 2009
Rated :

This game is very simple, both in construction and planning it seems.

I hardly think it's possible to die if the player doesn't try to.
The game is much easier played via the minimap, rendering the main graphics useless, as they are barely more interesting than the dots on the map.

The minimap is an interesting feature though, maybe you can use this simple game as inspiration for something bigger?





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