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4D Sudoku
Author: 4D Sudoku Submitted: 22nd December, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 118

The challenge is to construct a square block of numbered cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible row, column and side around the block contains each of the numbers 1 9.

Meanwhile inside the block, every 33 section, sliced vertically or horizontally, also consists of the digits 1 9. So pit your wits against the invisible force of the 27 cubes in this ingenious puzzle.


Checkout the Instructions and the Keyboard Shortcuts in the Nav Bar in the Online Game - there are Hints and Cheats available too! Good Luck

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Posted by W3R3W00F 24th December, 2008

This looks awesome, but I'm not a big fan of Sudoku.

Comment edited by W3R3W00F ( WAS Drawcula) on 12/24/2008
Posted by -J- 24th December, 2008

I have absolutely no idea where to start

I like sudoku's though, and this is no exception. Shall keep trying!
Posted by RedEnchilada 24th December, 2008

That's only 3D. I see no 4D.
Posted by Silveraura 24th December, 2008

Wouldn't this just be considered 3D.Image

Edit: I agree with Frostbitten.
Comment edited by BrandonC on 12/24/2008
Posted by OMC 24th December, 2008

4D in the gaming world is just another word for "extra-cool 3D". I have noticed this even in major corporations' products.
Posted by RedEnchilada 24th December, 2008

Brandon, that's just a tag I'm using over the holidays.
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th December, 2008

love sudoku. but i hate these puzzles.

but may i suggest that its called 4d since theres an extra dimension to which you have to be wary of when placing the numbers. regular sudoku could be considered 3d since you have to take into account its own square and numbers in other squares horizontally and vertically. this adds layers.

but ill stick to my rubiks cube thanks.




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