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Future Fantasy Special Edition (from 2001)
Author: Kevin Smets Submitted: 27th November, 2008 Favourites:5
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Edited By Kevin Smets on 11/27/2008

Edited By Kevin Smets on 11/27/2008

Edited By Kevin Smets on 11/27/2008

So I was feeling nostalgic about this place and decided to re-upload a game that was on here years and years ago, and actually won the 24th (I think it was the 24th) game of the week nod. It's so awesome you guys are at #305!

Coming back after a few years have calmed my 'marketing side' of which I was known for over-hype, and I acknowledge that.

Anyway, when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school, I created a game based off a story I had written, called "Future Fantasy". It was very basic, with one attack but had action/RPG-ish elements to it and had a pretty fun little Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings story to it. The gameplay emulated the early Zelda games. And had a password feature so you could maintain your game if you ran out of lives.

A few years later when I was a little better at Klik, I polished it up a bit, added some more elements to the story, and released it as "Future Fantasy Special Edition". One of the gimmicks was that there's a "secret" in almost every frame. And it is true - mini games galore, a kart racing level, a snowboarding mini game, skateboarding, space invaders mini game, firefighting level, the list goes on and on.

The game's story includes battles against all sorts of foes, a huge snowy mountain level, a giant final boss and a bounty hunter on your tail the entire time.

Anyway, it's a blast from the past, and with all the amazing efforts you guys put out here every day, it's nothing too groundbreaking, but it was a fun little adventure back in the day. Feel free to relink this to the GOTW it several years back.

And it's very refreshing to see how well The Daily Click continues to be doing!

Vista users - try this version, it's converted to TGF:

All others, download the original K&P version using the DC link...

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     (5.67 mkb )

Posted by Dr. James MD 27th November, 2008

A full blown RPG in KnP that looks good? Very awesome... Downloads!
Posted by Ben Warren 27th November, 2008
Rated :

I REMEMBER this so well!!
Posted by AndyUK 27th November, 2008
Rated :

It suffers from it's K&P roots somewhat, the pause between screens and only being able to use a score object as a global value limits the game.
But it's clear an awful lot of effort has gone into making it and the cut scenes are great.
Posted by Otter 28th November, 2008
Rated :

This is pretty great! Yeah it doesn't live up to the modern standards and all, but the gameplay is still great for it's time!
Posted by AndyUK 28th November, 2008
Rated :

it's just a limitation of Klik and play i think. You can't scroll without making everything out of active objects and you can't carry data across frames unless it's a score object. (not sure if you can have multiple score objects)

I think it deserves praise for effort alone.
Posted by Otter 28th November, 2008
Rated :

Yeah, for the software it was done with, it was great! I plan on reviewing it soon.
Posted by Ecstazy 29th November, 2008

@ AndyUK: I believe you can have up to 4 score objects, one for each player.
Posted by AndyUK 30th November, 2008
Rated :

oh interesting...
that might be something useful to remember if we have another K&P competition.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 8th December, 2008

You can also have 4 lives objects, so that's a total of 8 global values.
Posted by Dr. James MD 19th December, 2008

I thought KNP also had 3 global values, or is that TGF?
Posted by dndfreak 13th January, 2009
Rated :

I don't remember- Hadn't used K&P in six years and I really wasn't that good at the time(I was 9-10) btw, I thought the Karaoke room and oldsprite grotto was a nice touch.
Posted by James Virgil Horner 30th June, 2009
Rated :

Mr Smet's your link is dead unfortunately, do you have a mirror link?
Comment edited by James Virgil Horner on 6/30/2009
Posted by Otter 28th August, 2009
Rated :

Just wanna say.. This think deserves a good remake in MMF2 with better graphics and etc. <y>
Posted by Kevin Smets 17th January, 2012

I realize this link is now defunct. I will attempt to track FF1 down and reupload and update the link! Please don't delete the submission! Thanks





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