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Author: Chris Vermilya Submitted: 11th November, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 85

Evasion is a game where the player (blue block) at the bottom of the screens moves right left to your mouse, and you must guide it through the incoming boxes, and see how long you can survive. There are two mode: Survival and Advanced. Survival is based on skill, and there is nothing more to help you. In advanced there are 5 powerups; the shield, laser, timer, nuke, and wall. If you don't want to download this game you can also play it on my website. but you need the Vitalize" extension to play it.

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Posted by Marko 11th November, 2008
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Not bad - i reviewed it coz i thought it had some really interesting ideas!
Posted by Airflow 15th November, 2008
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Just a tip, You should include the font file. Some computers will default to arial and cause visual strageness.

best score classic 552
best score advanced 1130

I enjoyed that diversion.
Posted by Marko 15th November, 2008
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good scores!
Posted by -J- 15th November, 2008
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I couldn't even get 500 on advanced mode

Very fun though.
Posted by Airflow 16th November, 2008
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