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Law Enforcement 2020
Author: Ian Phoenix Submitted: 24th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 238

Edited By Ian Phoenix on 8/24/2008

This is a reposting of an older game I made. I lost the user name, password and email address I had, so I am reposting a valid link under my new account.



Engage in two-player firefights, using your commander, armies, tanks, nukes, helicopters, turrets, submarines and more.

LE2020 is a tactical combat game where two players battle it out on a variety of battlefields in several different game modes including Assault, Capture the Flag, Hostages and Assassination. You can build entire bases from scratch and the environment is 100% destructible.

- You can build over 20 unique structures including walls, towers, caltrops, gun turrets, and more.
- Up to 100 troops onscreen at once.
- 8 stages to wage war on.
- 3 unique vehicles to travel across land, sea and air.
- Tons of customizability - virtually anything can be modified for a perfect match.

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Posted by Codemonkey 24th August, 2008

This sounds great, just let me dl...
Posted by -Nap- 25th August, 2008
Rated :

the best part is when the error appears
Posted by Ian Phoenix 25th August, 2008

What kind of error are you getting Napalm? I released this same file three years ago and I got no complaints or reports of errors.
Posted by Mr_Tom 25th August, 2008
Rated :

Napalm you've just been attacking me for my ratings on games and now you're giving 0! stars to this game which clearly has had a lot of effort put into it because of some 'error' which isn't the games fault since I get no errors on it.

This game ain't perfect and could do with some polishing but it deserves a good rating cos of the effort put into it. and it actually is fun, it just takes a little longer to figure out than your basic generic platformer. Give it more than 2 minutes attention and just use your head a little and you'll see that is ain't half bad.

well done Ian Phoenix.. but don't be surprised if nobody downloads this games and gives GOTW to BulletZORS!

Posted by Bricnic 26th August, 2008
Rated :

I remember this game from when you first submitted it, it was a lot of fun and really well made, despite the odd bug here and there.
Posted by Ian Phoenix 26th August, 2008

Thanks for the positive comments, guys. Eventually after I finish my current project I'd like to make a better version of the game which replaces the buggy MMF movement engine with something more stable, and fix many issues, add AI players, etc. But that will be in the future, as I would have to revamp a large portion of the game to do so.
Posted by Codemonkey 27th August, 2008

Wow Napalm, you're an idiot!





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