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The Dreamweaver (demo)
Author: Windybeard Games Submitted: 19th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 197
113th Place     (4.2 / 5)

Edited By Rikus on 6/19/2008

Sadly i dont have time to klick for the forseable future, Im not abandoning this project, just putting it on hold for a while, Its massivley incomplete but playable to some extent.
Dont bother with bug reporting as this is possibly abandoned.

Controls - w,a,s,d and mouse clicking, right click for stats and stuff and left click stuff thats infront of you.

The save function is incomplete so make sure you have an open version of the INI to save after play as only progress is saved not collection and stats!

Hope you enjoy and maybe some feed back will draw me back quicker!

This is "The Dreamweaver". Ive been working on this game for about 2-3 years ish. It has taken many forms but this is the final product and im happy with how its taking shape.

The game is based around a guy called "Crest". He is one of very few Dreamweavers left in the world. The Dreamweaver is of royal decent, in the past the Dreamweavers would fight the Nightmares that would plague the lands. After 100's of years of battle the world is slowing returning to its peacful norm when "Surprisingly" the Nightmares make a devestating return.

As one of few left it is your responsibility to help rid the lands of this menace. Your primary skill as a dreamweaver is to dispell the Nightmare Seals that can be found hidden throughout the world and to weald and manipulate weaponry and magik.

Well thats basically the story and the game basics. The battle system is turn based but you decide when to pick a fight! your character doesnt level up in the conventional sense but you do however collect a series of badges which add to your stats I.E Atk +3 etc.

Almost every obsticle (rocks, barrels, flowers) can be looted for reagents of which you must obtain a certain amount in order to dispell the Nightmare Seals.

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Posted by Muz 19th June, 2008
Rated :

Nice game. Even if is a demo. -1 star for not finishing this
Posted by Hill Gigas 19th June, 2008
Rated :

Awesome, I love it. I really hope you get to finish it someday because it's really a top notch project and a lot of fun to play. Very nice work.
Posted by alastair john jack 19th June, 2008

Awesome its here to play!
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 20th June, 2008

Download failed for me, I'l try on my other computer.
Posted by Ski 20th June, 2008
Rated :

seemed pretty cool
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th June, 2008
Rated :

When does this end?
For me, it was right after i got the key, it wouldnt let me go to the next area. I don'y know if thats were you stopped or if it was the game.

But it was very nice, i liked it a lot

Posted by Assault Andy 20th June, 2008

The download link doesn't work for me. Mediafire says that the file has been removed.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st June, 2008

"...putting it on hold for a while"

It's dead
Another game I really need to play.
Posted by Del Duio 21st June, 2008

Damnit, and here I thought I'd FINALLY get to play this thing!

My Mediasense bullshit at work blocks the download.

I needs this man!
Posted by Toadsanime 21st June, 2008
Rated :

Definitely looking good, so congrats! Tell me when there's an update on this.
Posted by erghhhhx 21st June, 2008
Rated :

Really nice game, with amazing graphics.

But hey, everyone needs sum criticism.

*Music would REALLY add to the atmosphere.
*Maybe tell us it's wasd? (oh well, I just noticed u did )
*There are some invisible obstacles. Ex:
Posted by MasterM 22nd June, 2008

it looks pretty lovely
Posted by Windybeard Games 23rd June, 2008

Thx for the comments guys, i might come back to this but as things are in my world atm, it wont be for atleast 3 months.
Glad you all liked it.
Posted by AS Filipowski 23rd June, 2008

Could use a little bit more HTML though
Posted by viva/volt 26th June, 2008
Rated :

Oh dear did I really forget to comment on this?

Really fun RPG, such a shame you can't continue it right now. The only real problems with it were the lack of direction sometimes (had to just guess what to do, not much though really) and the battle system feels really simple (it's fine right now but when the game progresses to harder enemies I'd want to do more than just "attack").
Posted by Velovix 26th June, 2008
Rated :

Very entertaining. Just want to know, how did you do that pokemon rpg based movement?
Posted by DaVince 28th June, 2008

Pokémon RPG based movement? Don't you just mean tile based movement, as it had been used in games LOOOONG before Pokémon?

Well... You have a few variables: one that keeps track how far in progress you are in moving, and one that defines the max amount of movement in one step (for example, 16 pixels). Then, as you start moving, you keep track of the player's direction, add 1 to his position and the variable, and keep moving into that direction until variable = max value. Then you reset the variable and stop the character...

Well, this is one way of doing it. There's lots to do around this function to ensure that collissions with other moving characters don't make this mess up. For example, you could keep track of the old position (in tiles) and the new position (in tiles), have a little obstruction block handle your obstructions, and only move that block to the "new" spot once the character has successfully moved to that spot.

Gonna try out the game now.
Posted by Windybeard Games 1st July, 2008

i just had an invisible detector on all 4 sides of my guy, they where tile sized and moved with him, this way if it was colliding with anything it would deactivate the corrisponding directions movement code.
Posted by Otter 16th July, 2008
Rated :

Just please finish it...
Posted by Windybeard Games 13th August, 2008

would it be possible for you to use a QWERTY keyboard? i jest with you good sir!
Posted by Asholay 14th April, 2009
Rated :

Wow - love the basis of this game... you must keep going with this project, it's got such a good foundation!

(btw - search for the dreamweaver RPG in google and there's a link there where you can find this game)
Comment edited by Asholay on 4/14/2009





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