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KoKoshooter (WIP) Alpha testing
Author: Kokocipher Submitted: 12th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 71

Edited By KoKoMonkey on 3/9/2009

Edited By KoKoMonkey on 6/15/2008

direction= arrows
shift+direction= rotates the ship
D = shoot
hold d = charge up (not working)
S = shield (will shut off when you collide with enemies)

Features soon to be added:
1.Asteroids explosion FX will be added so that player will not see the overlaying small asteroids.
2.A cruse control(arcade like auto piloting) will be added to fit certain levels (storyline elements)
3.Charged shots will be added

Features that is put on hold:
1. Any types of background graphics will not be used because of the uncertainty of the storyline
2. New enemies will not be added soon because of storyline

I'd like to receive feedbacks on the controls, whether the keys are continently located, or is the rotation easy to handle in combats.

Finally, I'd like to use this opportunity to recruit other MMF2 users to help me on the coding, as I'm fairly new to the software.
In addition, pixel artist, sound engineers, or music composers are also welcome.

Please contact me via PM on Daily Click

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Posted by Sweetjuice 14th June, 2008

Fix picture
Posted by Kokocipher 15th June, 2008

Fixed; thanks for letting me know.

I was using thumbnail html code, too bad it didn't work.
Posted by s-m-r 15th June, 2008

Here's a little control feedback. I'd recommend changing the controls so that the ship rotates direction *unless* the player holds down the SHIFT key. This way, the player won't have to hold down two keys to do basic maneuvering. Holding down the two keys for movement reminds me of strafing, and to force a player to do that to make basic movements seems counter-intuitive.

Also, have you thought about using automatic rotation at all for the player ship? What about the default 'asteroids' movement?

For shooting, and figuring out how to 'charge up' your weapon, have you attempted to activate the firing of the projectile after the key is released? I haven't tested this myself, and I'm sure someone else here could give you a more detailed example, but try something like this and see if it works. Events are itemized using the asterisk ( " * " ), and effects are marked with arrows:

*Player holds down [shoot] key
-->add 1 to alterable value of ship

*[shoot] key *not* depressed +
alterable value of ship >1 and <25
-->ship fires bullet type 1 in direction of ship
-->reset alterable value of ship to 0

*[shoot] key *not* depressed +
alterable value of ship >25
-->ship fires bullet type 2 in direction of ship
-->reset alterable value of ship to 0

In this situation, the 'bullet type 2" would be the 'charged shot' fired by the player ship.

Hope this helps!
Posted by Kokocipher 15th June, 2008

I tried with having Shift = not rotating the ship, but sometimes the shift button does not register for some keyboards when you have multiple keys holding at the same time. For example, if you have shields on while charging, plus holding up+left, then if you add shift, it will not register.

This is simply a limit on generic keyboards.

An alternative solution would be to set up another sets of controls for rotation
Comment edited by KoKoMonkey on 6/15/2008
Posted by Roseweave 16th June, 2008

It is very basic for an alpha. I'm not sure why you showed it at this stage. In future make sure you have something to really show that's worthwhile. Using shift to rotate can be difficult. I recommend instead having two keys that rotate left and right.

I really liked the charge up effect though.
Posted by Kokocipher 16th June, 2008

a problem with having only two buttons for turning left or right is that Left and Right are reversed when the ship is up-side-down. Because of this, it's very likely that a player will be confused in such situation.

What I will do instead is to have the control swapping or aka. toggle the two diff. modes.

Posted by Kazuma 17th June, 2008

I would rather be confused sometimes like that (which never really happens anyway, somehow) than use a bajillion buttons or change settings.





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