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World Online Beta
Author: J1X1 Submitted: 13th August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 49

Edited By J1X1 on 8/16/2007

Edited By J1X1 on 8/13/2007

World Online Is a online application\game in the making.
it offers ( Email - Chat - browser - Internet TV - CD Player) Now the game part. The Longer the program is open
the more game points you'll earn. you can use your game points to buy hacking software (not real Hacking sofware)
game software its all game based. For example Instead of
an IP you use ID's to conncet to people in the game.
theres hacking sofware and anti hacking sofware. which can save you from getting your game points jacked by some hacker
You can even hack the server. meaning any one in the game
with an ID scanner and withdraw 1.0 can try to milk the servers bank account.

(if you have a problem Connecting to the server Post here so i Can Fix it)

####HOW TO LOGIN#####

#1 type in a name
#2 Click join
#3 When prompted choose TCP/IP Connection
#4 ADD server IP

Server IP:


[] Add 100+ TV Channels to buy with game points
[] Add 30+ Programs to buy
[] Add Live Radio with buyable stations

I have stopped actually hosting this program
until the next release But for those of you who
who would still like to use or try out this program
then ill explain how to host the program.

#1 When you come to the login screen press PageUp
#2 When prompted choose TCP/IP Connection.
#3 Then simply click host when the button enables.

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Posted by Silveraura 15th August, 2007

So it's basically the AOL browser without the ads.
Posted by J1X1 15th August, 2007

AOl browser? well no but there is an IE browser
but thats just 1 part of the entire program
you should read the discription.
Posted by J1X1 15th August, 2007

sorry if there was any probs connecting but i wanted to wait until they actually posted it. so it is online and ready to go.
Posted by Tim 15th August, 2007

Well, credit to you for trying something different
Posted by Zethell 18th August, 2007

Wow.. you made a copy of the wii 'os' <_<;




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