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Seek & Dread Online 1.43
Author: Kingson2 Submitted: 9th August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 87

Edited By Kingson2 on 8/9/2007

Seek & Dread Online is a free top-down multiplayer shooter. It is similar to Counter-Strike but it is a 2D-game. You control a terrorist or a police man. You can move your character with the keyboard and aim with the mouse. In the deathmatch mode you have no friends, all that counts is that you survive. Collect firearms and grenades that appear randomly on the playfield and do not forget to refresh your health while you are in the action of heavy gunfights. In the team mode you can choose if you want to join the terrorists or the police forces. Then you can buy your equipment and start to conquer the enemy's base with your team. Planting C4 to destroy walls, flashing your enemies with flashbangs, blowing up your enemies with HE-grenades or corner them with gas grenades will help you to accomplish your mission. Due to the map editor you can create your own scenarios.

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    (5,71 mkb )

Posted by AvatarTR 9th August, 2007

You should fix the download link "http://http://"
Posted by AvatarTR 9th August, 2007

Just checked out your game, looks pretty cool but the controls are bad :S
Posted by Kingson2 9th August, 2007

Thanks! Fixed the link.
Posted by Tim 9th August, 2007

Coooool, not so keen on the particle effects there.. *downloads*
Posted by Zezard 10th August, 2007

Impressive. This is a game that has very high gameplay value!

I found the mouse aiming a bit hard to stear and understand (especially with a pen tablet), but on the other hand it might have been too easy to aim otherwise.
Posted by Joshua M. 10th August, 2007

Lol, Seek & Dread Online. It's been ages since I've played it. And hated it
Posted by Zethell 10th August, 2007

Same here, hated it..

Well, it's really a cool game, but you could do better on the graphics atleast
Posted by Kingson2 10th August, 2007

What are the points you hate?
Posted by Aptennap 10th August, 2007

The aiming is hard because the aimer circles aroun d the player it would be easier if the aimer was at the cursor postion (so free aiming) or have the player choosing between diffrent styles. The music and sound are good. The graphics are sometimes a bit out of place, like the whitel ines beneath the walls and the pillowshaded blobs for trees the graphics are overall 'fine'. The online coding is really good like dead reckoning system and that stuff.
Posted by SpoonOfGlory 26th August, 2007

those graphics aren't that bad ...
Posted by izac 27th February, 2008
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what the hell why do you hate this game i love it i play it everyday with my friend! this is the best game i've ever played





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