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Bali Adventure
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 20th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 134

Deep In the Heart of the Bali Jungle...

Whilst on Vacation your girlfriend has been upducted by forces unknown hidden deep within the Bali Jungle... Hot on the trail you must solve these ancient puzzles if your hope to discover the next clue to your beloveds location! If you solve all 19 of these ancient puzzles then victory is yours in this great Action packed puzzle game!!

Look Forward to your comments!

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Posted by Tim 20th July, 2007

OMG, please tell me where you got the idea for this because I've played a game just like this before

Ah wait *inspirational moment* I think it was at or something... or SkyGamestar on TV...
Posted by Kisguri 20th July, 2007

One of our distributors loves clone games, all three of the Clones I have submitted to day are for him, the original title this is spawned from is Luxor...!
Posted by Ski 20th July, 2007

Looks very professional
Posted by Introversity 20th July, 2007

Looks very well made. Just gotta wait a bit for the 16mb...
Posted by Attan 20th July, 2007

Nice! Haha, am i mistaking, or is that sound from Lost Labby?
Posted by Kisguri 20th July, 2007

which Sound?
Posted by -Liam- 20th July, 2007

Wow, this looks very good. My Dad plays a game just like this called Zuma. Well done!
Posted by -Liam- 20th July, 2007

Hmm I just downloaded it and it seems to be glitching up a fair bit for me =/ The ball that should be pushing the other balls just goes out by itself, leaving them all at the start so I can't get them...
Posted by Kisguri 20th July, 2007

and of course that as in the demo verison right? which level did it occur, thanks for reporting the bug!
Posted by Tim 20th July, 2007

Ah, nope - it was infact

Zuma! One of the other 10 or so rips of the original -_- Ah well.

edit: lol Slink you'd already mentioned
Posted by Hempuli 20th July, 2007

Zuma! That's the name!
Posted by Hempuli 20th July, 2007

But whatever. It's still good. Thumbnails up!
Posted by JustinC 21st July, 2007

Yeah there's luxor, zuma, and for the nintendo ds there's magnetica. They're all basically the same thing.
Posted by Attan 21st July, 2007

The sound that comes when the pushing ball reaches you!
Posted by DaVince 21st July, 2007

Clone is a clone of a clone. This one's free though, which is the best.
Posted by -Liam- 21st July, 2007

The bug was occurring on level one for me. The balls would come out once or twice but on the thrid or fourth time round it gets stuck. And yep, its the demo version.
Posted by Kisguri 22nd July, 2007

The Bug should be fixed now, Thanks for the report once again, New version Uploaded!
Posted by LIJI 23rd July, 2007

I get many empty "trains" and it gets annoying when you get 10 empty ones in a row.
Also, Why didn't you anti aliased the balls?
Posted by Kisguri 23rd July, 2007

Thanks for the input LIJI, let me ask you this, When Did you download the game exactly? This was actaully a port from MMF 1.5 that we completed in 2, So we just missed the Anti Aliasing the balls, probably a good idea!
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007

"And yep, its the demo version. "

Wait, you mean this is a pay game too? Fuck that, I thought someone finally made a freeware version of this.
Posted by Kisguri 30th July, 2007

WOW, didn't know it was so serious that we have to curse about it DAMMIT!





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