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Alex Adventure
Author: alexandre szybiak Submitted: 22nd May, 2007 Favourites:7
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 428

AlexAdventure is a not-so-classic platformer with quirky music and graphics. Your goal is to find six hidden objects. There is also a little flavour of puzzle in it.


X : jump/revive
C : use/laser
ESC : back to main menu


There's no such thing as "story"


And that's it, quite simple, but i've added some interesting stuff like puzzle with falling blocks, conveyor belts, and ONE BIG BOSS DUDE.
Anyway it's a good game, play it.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 24th May, 2007
Rated :

Shit a brick! I'm encoding some lengthy video files in OSX so I can't play this just yet. But I really want to. Bugger! This looks really beautiful. Reminds me of the Spectrum even down to the sprite shapes, but with a few more colours.

5 hours remaining
Posted by axel 24th May, 2007

"I'm just saying that if a game is a 9 out of 10 then focus on the 9, not the 1 lacking."

I can't criticize a game because it's almost perfect? Dude, that's the whole idea of constructive criticism. If we all just blindly praised a 9/10 game, then the author would never learn about the little 1/10 of his game that wasn't too good, and he would keep making the same mistakes over again =P

"I'm surprised no-one has called it a Cave Story clone yet."

I'm surprised that anyone would. This game has a nice original feel, it's nothing like CS. Adventure Platformer != Cave Story clone.
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th May, 2007
Rated :

It's a cliche to shout CaveStory at any platformer now. Not that Cave Story itself was a hybrid of Rick Dangerous, Metroid and Zelda-esque bits.

3 hours remaining
Posted by DaVince 24th May, 2007

Whoa. Fantastic game. I love the Atari style of the graphics with the Earthbound styled music. Good job on this one!
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

big thx for the earthbound music comparison, this brings much joy to my heart, really
Posted by Erik 24th May, 2007

I dont comment here often but this game impressed me.
It freaked me out the same way that Metroid did the
first time i played that.
Being compared to Metroid in any way should always
be considered a big deal.
So Kudos to you "alexandre szybiak"
Posted by Dustin Gunn 24th May, 2007

I hit about 9 dead ends and quite.

Not bad though aside from the indie-typical directionless gameplay.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

wow erik... thx
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

lol who's being a nerdy bitch ?
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th May, 2007
Rated :

Grumbles. I tried to comment earlier but I got some mad error. Anyways - love the game. It's really my cup of tea. Reminds me of the Spectrum oh-so much.
All the audio was great. The little touches like standing on a button to bring the lift down, just sounded great.
Graphics are wonderful. I love the super abstract style to it all. It's all very 1980s.

Keep them coming I say! It's been a good year for original platformers, what with Knytt too.
Posted by Del Duio 25th May, 2007

I've only played this for a few minutes so far, but the game is very cool!

I did think that the menu was really confusing, and it's lack of conventional Click game key controls took a bit to get used to.

I like the whole "inverse" style of the graphics, and from what I can tell insofar the engine is really solid. (Oh how I wish I could get slopes down for my own stuff!!)

I'll check in later after I give it a more thourough playthrough, but for now it's a thumbs up!
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th May, 2007
Rated :

I finished the cave level. This is really good. Don't change the music style, graphics style or anything else and bring us a sequel. plz
Posted by alexandre szybiak 25th May, 2007

I'm afraid there won't be any sequel, since after spending so much time making a platformer i only want to do something else. And my code is so messy that i don't have the courage to start a new game based on this one.
Posted by Del Duio 26th May, 2007

Is this a complete game or just one big level?
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

technically there's 9 levels, but the two first ones are bigger.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

did anyone found the six object by the way ?
Posted by Neuro 26th May, 2007

I like this game, nice style, awesome music and sound! There didn't seem to be much direction to it, I had no idea what I was doing. However, I did enjoy exploring the world and the level design was very good. Some parts were really intense, especially the scrolling screen bit.

I beat some big boss who punched bricks, is that the end? Oh and I liked the pink cavern... extra level... thing? I just chose that option in the menu out of curiosty. Another thing about that, completing some cave levels took me back to the menu...

Overall a very pleasing game to play, thumbs up I think all the weird mysterious unknown-ness really adds to the game, it's nice to play something that makes you feel truly curious. I wouldn't change this game one bit (oh except for a confirmation that the game has ended... )
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

No you haven't finished the game, there must be six grayscale objets under "Artefacts" in the menu, when you beat the boss a lift appears, you go up and you get ONE of these artefacts.
And the second option is not an extra level there are three artefacts in it.
If you don't know what to do after getting an artefacts ( greysale objects ), that didn't brought you back to the menu, press ESC and you'll see that artefact in the menu.
Posted by Del Duio 26th May, 2007

Oh, also is there any way to quick exit this game? I'm at work lol..
Posted by Neuro 26th May, 2007

Oh right! Well I found a fair few of those, I remember 4 or 5 I'd check to see but I was round my girlfriend's house when I played it :S Maybe I'll play through it again, though
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

ESC + escape button, anywhere
Posted by Neuro 26th May, 2007

Ah, I found the 2 I was missing I didn't play through as much of the pink caverns as I thought

Oh and by the way, I found a way to skip most of the lava dragon part if you move to the left so you're low enough to miss all the blocks, going under any obstacles

Once again, excellent job
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

damn i thought i had repair the dragonlava bug
Posted by Del Duio 26th May, 2007

Okay, now that I've played it a bit more, here's some of my thoughts:

Like I said before, the engine itself is really good, no problems at all there. The art style is fantastic, especially now that I've seen a lot of the other areas the game has to offer. There are some of the cave areas that look a lot like Super Metroid, IMO.

Along those lines, I don't think I've played a game that gave me the same alien feel as this since the original Metroid and later Lyle in Cube Sector. The whole game seems very "alive". I like how many things are moving, even if they're just for decoration. (Look for the grass that plays catch with itself for a great example of this.)

Like Metroid, this game seems to be very huge in scope and gives off the same "WTF do I do now??" type of feel that I like. It also reminds me a bit of when I first started getting into an old NES game Legacy of the Wizard (where the dungeon was gigantic and you had no map and had to figure out where to go.)

Some things I don't like is the lack of structure outside of the levels. For example, being able to select a brand new area by pressing N or B is really confusing to the n00b player (i.e, me). Also when you "jump" to the new area you lose any guns you were carrying. There was also one instance where I got stuck and my only option was to press "N" and area jump. This was after I fell down a pit and wound up in a pink-skied area with a house you can't go past on the right and a high rock ledge on the left. And Alex couldn't jump out.

I feel that this game needs some sort of instruction aside from general game controls, and even better a readme of some sort to clear up these issues for the new player. If you could make all of these awesome parts more cohesive, this would greatly improve upon an already fantastic game. GOTW for sure.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th May, 2007

I finished it. I got that grey thing (looked like a drill, actually) after the first boss and the game suddenly restarted.

I enjoyed it, but I felt the cave levels lost the way a little, and turned into a more traditional platformer rather than encouraging exploration.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 26th May, 2007

del duio> in fact you're not supposed to use B and N, hopefully you won't HAVE to either, since you can you can press ESC to go back to level select ( if you think you're stuck )
Posted by Ski 27th May, 2007

This game is awesome. I just played it some more and got a little further, I love it.
Posted by TheoX 27th May, 2007

How do you select what level you're going to go to?
The options on the title screen seem to be gibberish - maybe the text isn't showimng up right or something. I've figured that the first option was "new game" and the second was "continue", but I can't figure out how to select what level I'm going to. I'm really itching to discover more secrets on the first level by busting those red arrow blocks...

This is a great game, although sometimes quite confusing. Anyway, GOTW for sure!
Posted by alexandre szybiak 27th May, 2007

The two options on the menu are basically world 1 and world 2, the game save and load automatically. It only saves when you see the "game saved" text ( the frame with the windows and some music ).
You have to consider that the 2 options of the menu are two different games.
Posted by PeterD 27th May, 2007

this is a AWESOME game
Posted by TheoX 27th May, 2007

Well, what's confusing me is that there were blocks with red arrows on them in the first, grassy level. However, you get the item that lets you break those blocks on what I consider the third level, the pinkish level that sorto of looks like the inside of some creature. I can manage to get to the first level again, and I have my gun, but I don't have my arrow powerup. It's very confusing to me... Oh, and recently, after finishing the final boss, instead of the title screen appearing, when I start the game, the end screen with "fin" on it appears, and escape, instead of taking me to the main menu, quits the game.

I need help...
Posted by Fifth 27th May, 2007

Well, "fin" means you collected all of the artifacts and have beaten the game.
However, you're not supposed to be able to DO this without finding the secret exit in the first level (the little upward-spear power can be found in there, too.)

If you want to play through the game again, just delete/rename the save file. 'Course, this means you'll lose everything...
Posted by alexandre szybiak 27th May, 2007

yep, shitty structure, i realize now.
that really bother me since everyone seem pretty confused by this game. I guess i learned something
Posted by alexandre szybiak 27th May, 2007

congrats to everyone who managed to figure things out and finish the game
Posted by Imadjinn 27th May, 2007

Magic game. No idea what to do in the first level thingy, but the second one was really atmospheric and creepy.

Posted by TheoX 27th May, 2007

Thank you Alex - telling me about the main title sctreen helped me a lot, and made me understand how it worked. I restarted the game, and got all the articfacts without using N or B. I loved the ambient atmosphere throughout the game, and the music and sounds that went along with it. The puzzle aspect of the levels was great too. The game reminded me of something on one of the old game systems, but I can't seem to recall what... Anyway, great job with this game! I loved it!
Posted by Sephirenn 28th May, 2007

Awesome game. If I might suggest one thing: you should have 'something new' at the end (once you beat it). Maybe a movie, a new mode, a new abilty unlock, give the user codes that he can use next time he plays it, even a unique credit sequence. I have always been of the thought that there should always be a reward when you beat a game.

But like I said, awesome game, had me play through the whole thing till I beat it!
Posted by Del Duio 29th May, 2007

You can break those red arrow blocks with a power up later that makes a little spike pop out of Alex's head when he jumps.

I also get the "gibberish" menu choices, but I thought this was intentional. There's also a "Mr. Subliminal" guy's face that flashes on there from time to time. It's really, REALLY weird but very awesome.

As an aside, I got as far as a place that scrolls automatically to the right and plays completely different than the rest of the game. I kept dying, but I'll try it again. I still like Lyle in Cube Sector more, but this game is one of my favorite Click games and you got my GOTW
Posted by Del Duio 29th May, 2007

Oh, also if you can refine this basic idea and make a better structure it's kill up here. Please consider making a sequel sometime!
Posted by Del Duio 29th May, 2007

^^ Um.. I mean IT'D kill up here. ^^
Posted by alexandre szybiak 29th May, 2007

i'll consider, perhaps
btw, this menu text nonsense is intentional
Posted by AS Filipowski 30th May, 2007

It is quite endearing to name the main character after yourself... I do it as well!
Posted by alexandre szybiak 30th May, 2007

in fact i didn't name the character, he is not me, he is you, and this my adventure, because i made it, see
Posted by axel 6th June, 2007

TIGSourced, apparently:
Posted by 8th June, 2007

Wonderful little game! I horribly love the atmosphere.
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th November, 2008
Rated :

Love this game with most of my heart
Posted by erghhhhx 2nd January, 2009
Rated :

Amazing game... Kinda' unique feel to it, hard to explain.
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th April, 2009
Rated :

Great, never had the pleasure of playing this when it first hit the net thou
Posted by alastair john jack 15th May, 2009
Rated :

This was awesome, very nice music and graphics.
Posted by AlexRF 10th November, 2009

Very very cool. I love the vibe.




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