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Author: ldsoftware Submitted: 10th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 57

Edited By Chris Street on 5/10/2007

this game was made about a year ago.
I suppose it was inspired by the game of the same name from the classic 8bit nintendo, with a few differences.

the main aim of the game is to obviously shoot ducks.
you achive this using your trusty db shotgun.
the game is not over untill you have missed ten times.
aswell as shooting ducks there are small silloettes of areoplanes to shoot, these are a little difficult to hit but they are worth 3 kills.

and finally there are bonus blimps to shoot that will drop
bonuses, they are:-

+3 kills
-3 kills
+3 misses
-3 misses

shoot the bonus drops to aquire them

thats about everything, enjoy

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Posted by Phredreeke 10th May, 2007

OMG this game is awesome! 5 thumbs up!
Posted by axel 10th May, 2007

I give it three. Leets like us get more votes than normal TDC members
Posted by viva/volt 10th May, 2007

I give it 12, just for that intro.
Posted by Bricnic 11th May, 2007

It's fun enough but it needs a time limit. Otherwise you could win easily by only ever shooting blimps. I think headshots on ducks should be worth double points or something too.
Posted by ldsoftware 11th May, 2007

Phready.. thx

axel.. lol

ben.. i didnt think the intro was much cop

bricnic.. tis a good point you have about the blimps, but would you really sit there and wait for the blimps? could be quite boring... i like the current format of game over when 10 missed, i suppose i could make it so you get no kills for shooting the the blimp.
and yea head shots would be cool, thx for the ideas dude
Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007

Well.. Nice idea, but i have to be real with you, it gets boring pretty fast, and the transactions between levels are EXTREMLY bothersome.

Infact it almost made me swear :]

Thumbs up for causing rage amongst the nerds.
Posted by ldsoftware 14th May, 2007

fair enough m8

but let me bitch back at ya...
its not meant to be a game that you would play over and over...2-3 plays is more than enough

and a transaction is somthing you do at the bank
but a transition is whats used in the game..
y are they bothersome?
Posted by ModernGameCreations 15th May, 2007

its ok.. thumbs up well done.
Posted by ModernGameCreations 15th May, 2007

i voted for u in GOTW!
Posted by ldsoftware 16th May, 2007

thanx man
Posted by Flaxo 17th May, 2007


Nice game! That's the kind of game I would play when I'm a little bored in front of my computer .




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