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Ultra Car
Author: David Willis Submitted: 12th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 301

Zombie astronauts have assembled a mighty Obsticon army that only Ultra Car can defeat! Fly through air, sea, and space to battle Tyrancuguns, Tryanno Rex, and the unstoppable Monkey Master!

(Created by that guy who drew the army dude in your logo.)

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Posted by Rikus 13th April, 2007

Hey David, good to see you back Actually the mitch you see on the website today is another re-drawing of the character made by myself a couple of years ago I wonder if we still have David's version somewhere i'll try and find it.
Posted by Bo Fu 13th April, 2007

Shortpacked and It's Walky rule. And this game, though simple, ain't half bad either.
Posted by Assault Andy 13th April, 2007

It's pretty good, however there is no way I'm going to keep on replaying a level when I die. It lost my attention span after a while. Cool game though, I liked the look of the first boss, he was funny.
Posted by -Liam- 15th April, 2007

Ever seen Super Car?

Nice job, i like it!
Posted by robin90 15th April, 2007

It is a nice game but the only setback is when you die, you will need to restart the whole level again.
It is frustating when you are almost there.
Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2007

This was nice, but having to restart the level was REALLY annoying, and it made me close the game after only a few tries.

I guess it can have an advantage, namely getting to know the levels, but then again there are only waves and patterns of enemies approaching.
Posted by Chrisbo 17th April, 2007

holy crap it's DW.




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