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Musouka Densetsu I Remake Public Test
Author: Leric Submitted: 3rd April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 74

Edited By Leric on 4/18/2007

EDIT1: New version now with a more user friendly boss that takes less damage.
EDIT2: Life Force now instantly goes up or down instead of "draining" down like it use to.

This isn't as much as demo as it is a public system test. I'm trying to work all the kniks out of it before I move on. So if you would test this & tell me how it plays on your system. Keep in mine though that what you get here isn't just a simple debug room but the entire 1st stage & a boss so feel free to tell me ANYTHING you do or don't like about it. This is my 1st click project to see a release of any kind although I've been working with MMF (& now MMF2) for 3 years altogether.

-A Little Background-
This game will be a radically altered remake of the 1st game in my Musouka Densetsu series of games (the last game was a Game Maker made platformer named simply Densetsu which was actually the 3rd game in the series. it can be found on or if you PM me I'll give it to you). I say radically altered because since I don't have the orginal file I'm making this from memory & also because the original MDI wasn't actually a scrolling platformer but a game more similar to Bubble Bobble or the original Mario Bros. for arcade. This remake is being made in the style of Musouka Densetsu III.

The Mother of the Dream Diminsion has gone missing & in her absence creatures known as Nightmares, under the control of a boogey man named Ego, are taking control of the Dream Dimension. It's your job as Syrihn a Dreamer (people who can freely move about the Dream Dimension while asleep) to stop them or be forced to live in a dreamless world were there are only nightmares. Unlike MDII & III, MDI wasn't that story driven & I've decided to keep it that way (although since this game will have cutscenes there will be some things added to the story that weren't explained well in the original game due to my decision in it to put all story elements in a text file that came with the game. Also there will now be 2 endings). The game will flow in a Megaman-ish stage select style which is kinda like the original's system where you could go to any of the games six applications each representing a stage & after aquiring all the letters of the Mother of Dreams' real name Monica you could go to the last stage.

Series Spoiler Info...
The Mother in this game is a different person from the Mother in MDIII where Syrihn, the girl you actually play in this game had the title of the Mother of Dreams.
...Spoiler End

Control Pad Left & Right = Move Left or Right
Shift = Jump NOTE: You can also double jump & jump off walls as well.
Ctrl = Attack NOTE: You can press up or down with ctrl while jumping to stab up or down. Also after obtaining a Elemental Essence by killing a Elle (the white flying things) & getting the energy ball that they leave you can then hold & release Ctrl to do your Elemental Attack.

NOTE: You can change the buttons to any you want by holding ctrl+y to bring up the control settings menu. You can also use this menu to play the game with a controller.

The bar at the top of the screen is your Life Force Meter. As you kill Nightmares & collect the Dream Fragments (the red crystals) they leave behind it will go up. The number beside the bar shows how many bars you have left before you're exicted from the dream world (I.E. die). There is no max Life Force (well actually there is but you'll never reach it) so your goal in each stage is to collect as many Dream Fragments as you can without taking to much damage before making it to the boss of said stage.

If you take damage while you have a Elemental Essence the Energy Meter (The square bars that appear under the Life Force Meter after you obtain a Elemental Essence) will go down as well. It can be refilled by 1 block by collecting Energy Orbs (the blue shiny orbs) that are also sometimes dropped by Nightmares (but only if your Energy Meter isn't full).

Also Dream Fragments & Energy Orbs will be drawn to you if you flip (the 2nd jump) before they hit the ground. This is mainly used as a way for you to collect items while Downward stabbing the heads of multiple enemies.

-Elemental Essences-
Red = Fire - Shoots a flaming wave of slash energy.
Yellow = Lightning - Shoots a crosshair. A lightning bolt comes down where the crosshair is located when you press the attack button or when it touches a target.
Light Blue = Ice - Shoots 3 ice beams in different directions.

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Posted by Zethell 3rd April, 2007

1.17 mkb.. Mega Kilo Byte!
Posted by Zethell 3rd April, 2007

Cool game, but the normal enemies was too easy and the boss to hard..

Hp refill and crap before boss wasnt fun either
Posted by Leric 4th April, 2007

@LetoZeth's 1st post: Yeah I originally set it as "mb" but for some reason it just set an "m" next to the number. I've fixed it now.

@LetoZeth's 2nd post: Yeah since it's the 1st stage I wanted to make it lean more toward the easy side but at the same time I like hard games with old school difficult bosses so as I've experienced some folks find the boss hard while others find it easy.

The best way to beat the boss is to mainly use your Elemental Attack & focus on dodging his missiles.

"Hp refill and crap before boss wasnt fun either"
What do you mean by this? Do you mean the way HP refills after you die or the way you have no maxHP & have to gain more & more by destroying enemies before the boss?
Posted by dub 4th April, 2007

This is pretty good. I enjoy the double jump and the wall dodge.
I really like the sprite work and the graphics.
(No idea if their ripped, but if not, top job)
[ed] I just found images on the web, so I guess they are ripped.

The boss is really too tough :[

One little "bug" I did notice is that you still have the ability to take jump around and hit things when you are dead because the health meter hasn't completely drained. No biggie but it looks weird in places.

Hope to see more soon.
Posted by Aptennap 4th April, 2007

Posted by Ski 4th April, 2007

-Are the graphics original? If so how come the styles vary? The main character sprite is great.

-Great engine, I know nothing about programming but this felt like a really solid, proffesional game
Posted by Leric 4th April, 2007

@dub: Yeah I think I'm gonna make him take less damage since you can only get your Life Force up to 3 bars (but most people really may only get it to 2) & he takes half a bar per hit so that's only like 5 or maybe 6 hits per fight.

About the "bug": That's not a bug but a fault of the current Life Force system. I'm working on a new on that does the same thing minus the slow decresion time but it'll take a while to implement since I have to take the entire Life Force System apart & remake it from the ground up to do it.
So it'll probably be in the next demo which is a ways off.

-Nah the sprites aren't orignal, despite being a pretty good artist on paper I suck at sprting (although I'm learning...), but I have done some edits to them here & there.

Posted by Ski 4th April, 2007

ah well, still a great playable engine
Posted by Leric 4th April, 2007

I've edited it so now the boss takes less damage. This should still give it a feeling of being hard-ish but minus the frustration of a quick death.
Posted by Fifth 4th April, 2007

Hey, it's Asha!
Posted by Fifth 4th April, 2007

Well, once I learned how to play (and how to use that powerup that the pepelogoo dropped), this game became pretty fun to play! (And the boss became possible to beat!)

I'd sugget having the HP bar be only a display of your actual HP, though. That is, when you get hit, change the actualy HP instantly, THEN slowly change the bar to compensate. That way you won't get that weird moment between getting hit and dying (unless you actually wnat that).
Posted by Zethell 10th April, 2007

That smal map before the boss, theres a thing, if you hit it, it refills something, im guessing it's your hp ?
Posted by Fifth 10th April, 2007

Nope, that's your elemental power. Hold attack to charge, then release to fire. You can keep doin' this as long as you have any power left (which only depletes when you get hit).

It's also really the only way to beat the boss.
Posted by Leric 11th April, 2007

Yeah that's your elemental power.
All the MD games have always focused on the use of the elemental attacks (they're more equivalate to a charge shot in Mega Man than a MP taking magic attack). In fact this is actually the 1st MD game where you can still perform a normal attack while you have an element.
Anyway you COULD beat the boss by only using normal attacks (probably mainly the downward stab bounce) but you'd have to be pretty badass to do it.

Posted by Zethell 18th April, 2007

I actually killed him with normal attacks after MANY tries -_-;

I had no idea that charged attack existed
Posted by Leric 18th April, 2007

@LetoZeth: Then you are truely Badass.
Also I plan to have a (skippable) tutorial area at the beginning of the real game.

@Everybody: A new version has been uploaded, life Force now instantly goes up or down instead of "draining" down like it use to.

Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007






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