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Shadow of the Beast Engine
Author: Taofeld Submitted: 22nd March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 167


A few years ago, I was working on creating a remake (or perhaps I should say "remix," as it would have differently organized levels) of the game Shadow of the Beast. Alas, I abandoned the project. I did, however, make one decent level.

Shadow of the Beast was a parallax-scrolling action game released for Amiga and ported to many other platforms. More here:


Arrow keys - Move/duck
Shift - Jump
Control - Punch/jumpkick.


I ripped the sprites myself. Some from the SNES incarnation, some from the Amiga version, and a few from the Genesis version. The character changes shade when he ducks due to a screw-up on my part. There are a few bugs, but you'll only notice them if you're really out to find them. You cannot enter the tree, well, or castle, no matter how inviting they may seem. This project actually had two previous incarnations that had several levels, but the engine on those was pretty lousy (aka default platform movement).

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Posted by vrba79 23rd March, 2007

Pretty faithful to the original if you ask me.
Posted by steve 25th March, 2007

very accurate. I think the original amiga version had alot of parallax in the sky though and possibly more parallax on the ground also.

Nice tribute though, the music and graphics made SOTB good (amazing at the time)the gameplay was very poor however (not much you can do about that if you are trying to make it faithful to the original)
The sequels that followed were more puzzle based if I remember rightly and so the gameplay didnt matter so much.
Would you be likely to go down that route if you did carry on with this remix? Or will it be mostly based on the first game?

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Posted by Taofeld 25th March, 2007

Thanks. There was more parallax in the original (and it scrolled by a lot faster, too), but this was done back in TGF so doing any at all was inconvenient.

I would have mostly remained faithful to the original's gameplay, except I probably would have included a few more collectible items and/or multiple pathways to choose.

For me, the fun in the original's gameplay was in its often complained about difficulty. It kept me on my toes.
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

Pretty good. A bit boring, and the KnP library sounds were kinda annoying, but other than that it was ok.





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