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Video Screensaver
Author: Michael P Submitted: 8th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 48

Want to have your favorite video as your screensaver? Well now you can! Choose any WMV,AVI, or MPG video to have for your screensaver! Featuring Continuous looping, and sound playback, you get the full experiance from your video screensaver!

System Requirements:
Windows 98+
500MHz Processor or better
2MB HDD Space + Additional space for your video
DirectX 7 compatible video card & DirectX 7 or newer
**Sound card required for sound**

Recommended System Specs:
Windows XP+
128mb RAM or more
DirectX 9 compatible video card & DirectX 9 or newer
24bit Audio

Review This Download (666 kb )

Posted by Tim 9th February, 2007

Now THIS is a good idea - if it works
Posted by axel 9th February, 2007

Haha, that's actually a pretty nice idea.
Posted by axel 9th February, 2007

So now I can watch porn, instead of a boring windows XP logo flying around the screen
Posted by 9th February, 2007

I had one of these in 1996
Posted by Jonas ........ 9th February, 2007

666 kb. EVIL!1
Posted by axel 9th February, 2007

Posted by Michael P 9th February, 2007

I found a small bug in the open dialog to choose your video, i'm working on it right now
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th February, 2007

It breaks my comp I don't know why..
Posted by Michael P 9th February, 2007

What does it do?
Posted by deadeye 10th February, 2007

When I choose a video file in a folder other than the system32 folder, it saves the cfg in the folder with the video, not in the system32 folder, and it won't load.

Is this the bug you're fixing currently? I really don't want to have to put video files in my system32 folder just to make this work.

Otherwise, it seems to work okay.
Posted by Zethell 15th February, 2007

If thats the bug he should be able to fix it within.. 30 secs or soo.. atleast i would...

Anyways, as screensavers arent needed any more and i really hate it when something starts up when i play games or watch movies.. especially another movie when i try to see a movie pops up.. This would only make me angry.
Posted by Michael P 26th February, 2007

I'm soo sorry. Got busy, and i tried fixing the bug. I'll work on it more. And 30 seconds or more in MMF maybe, but it wasnt made in MMF, it was programmed. However, its a odd bug. Ive figured it out for the most part.




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