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Fancy Footwork
Author: Steve Harris Submitted: 20th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 116

Edited By Steve Harris on 12/20/2006

Fancy Footwork is a great game to play when you've got a spare 5 minutes or are sitting bored at your desk! Try and get the best score you can and see if you can top one of the leader boards!

Move the square to avoid being hit by the circles. The circles speed will gradually increase, making the game harder. Try and record the best time without crashing! When you've got a score you're pleased with submit it to the website and see how you compare to everyone else!

This was a game I made for the 26 Minute Compo a while back, which i've tidied up and made an online highscore board for.



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 (532 kkb )

Posted by Tim 20th December, 2006

At least its original ........... :\
Posted by Steve Harris 21st December, 2006

It took 26 minutes to make... it's hardly going to be groundbreaking
Posted by Rocketron 21st December, 2006

are you iron maiden's bassist?
Posted by steve 21st December, 2006

Posted by Steve Harris 21st December, 2006

I do believe that was sarcasm dear boy.
Posted by Tim 21st December, 2006

Why this is true
Posted by Johnny Look 21st December, 2006

I hope it's as fun as your avatar .
Posted by Steve Harris 22nd December, 2006

It's more fun than punching Phizzy
Posted by Tim 22nd December, 2006

LOL - don't be silly NOTHING could be more fun than that Stevey!! Apart from dismembering Phizzy.. that could be amusing too <3 u phizz
Posted by DaVince 25th December, 2006

lol, steve can't click links I see.
Posted by Steve Harris 26th December, 2006






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