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Spuds Quest (Beta)
Author: ChrisD Submitted: 23rd October, 2006 Favourites:2
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 774
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Edited By ChrisD on 11/1/2012

Spud's Quest is a puzzle adventure game for Windows inspired by many of the 8bit & 16bit games I grew up with.

It started off as a homage to the once popular Dizzy series, but over time elements from other games found their way in- most notably The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Tomb Raider.

Help bring it to completion:

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Posted by GuusMostart 2nd November, 2006

How do you get the letter? because I can enter the dungeon, but when I try to interact with the prisonner, nothing happens.. Is this a bug? or do I have to give him something before he gives me the letter?
Posted by Kirsty 2nd November, 2006

how did you manage to reach the dungeon?? I can't get any further than finding the joke book.

A good tip if you can't pick things up to make sure your inventory isn't full (only three items can be held at a time)
Posted by ChrisD 2nd November, 2006

Guus. He should drop the letter when you talk to him. If he doesn't, it must be a bug, I'll look into it.
Posted by Plooscva 2nd November, 2006

This game is so gonna win the GOTW
Posted by Kirsty 2nd November, 2006

can anyone give me hint to get further down underneath the castle?

I've already levered my way down one level, it's a pity you can't use that object twice. I've also tried using all the tools I have with no luck, unless dynamite is needed to blast my way down???
Posted by GuusMostart 2nd November, 2006

There is an other way to get underneath the castle

@mcdavis, is was a bug, I started over and now I have the letter! If I only knew how to use the magic spyglas to find the secret door or something. I just don't know where to look...
Posted by ChrisD 2nd November, 2006

look up.
Posted by robin90 3rd November, 2006

Yes , dynamite is needed to blasted the white block and can found at the old windmill.
Posted by gsid 3rd November, 2006

Can someone please pm me the walkthrough. THis game rocks.
Posted by GuusMostart 3rd November, 2006

@mcdavis I know I have to look somewere in the sky or something, but no luck yet. Not even in the towers of the castle (I think the highest point to reach so far)
I'm very stuck
Posted by robin90 3rd November, 2006

Did you try to climb to the top of the plant and jump over the clouds with the magic spyglass ? You will find something interesting
Posted by ChrisD 3rd November, 2006

I wish whoever voted thumbs down would tell me why so I can fix whatever it is up for the update :/
Posted by GuusMostart 3rd November, 2006

@robin90, the same clouds to get to the chamber of the castle were you could find the inventation to enter the castle? or are your talking about other clouds? Is the magic lens (name in the game) the same as magic spyglass?
Posted by robin90 3rd November, 2006

Yes,the magic lens is the same as magic spyglass. Other clouds but first where are you stuck at ?
Posted by Josh Buczynski 3rd November, 2006

I'm stuck at 78%. I need to find the rose.
Posted by pulsecode. 3rd November, 2006

Better late than never!
What a game! I allways loved this style of game, and this in my opinion improves in every way!

Little things like getting stunned by falling too far or being able to grab and pull up on slightly higher platforms to the wonderful music mixing between areas really add to it! Well, for me anyway! :^D

It's like a propper updated Dizzy!! Wonders will never cease! Chris D, you are a saint (or at the very least some form of god ;^p )
Posted by robin90 3rd November, 2006

Rose is given out from the lady at the market when you gave her her husband letter. Her husband is found at the dungeon.
Posted by Josh Buczynski 3rd November, 2006

I restarted in order to get the letter. In my last game, the hatchet stayed around after being used too.

This was a fun little game!
Posted by Zethell 4th November, 2006

McDavis (ala Chris Davis)..... isnt it supposed to be AKA ?

downloading, looks great.
Posted by Zethell 4th November, 2006

Exellent game! I loved it!

One of the best i'v seen here in a long time.
Posted by thinlikenate 4th November, 2006

GO HERE: to see the entire SQ world map!
Posted by TheoX 4th November, 2006
Rated :

@Kristy - Did you see the key across the chasm at the "path of faith"?
There's a reason it's NOT called "Leap of Faith".
Posted by TheoX 4th November, 2006
Rated :

Oh, and that's a nice map thinlikenate. Did you make it?
Posted by thinlikenate 5th November, 2006

Posted by Chedich 5th November, 2006

Btw, I've managed to get 21 coins(probably because of the save&load coin respawn bug) and now i'm unable to finish the game
Posted by GuusMostart 5th November, 2006

How do I get the plant to grow? I have tried to use the water in the bucket at that spot at the farm. But nothing happens.. Do I have to plant a seed first or something like that? And were van I get that? I'm stuck on that for 4 days now. I'm at 67%
Posted by X_Sheep 5th November, 2006

Trade a cow, get a bean.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 6th November, 2006

Gah, I'm stuck at 81 percent! And I was doing so well. I found the golden hen and the golden chalice. But on the third night I made no progress despite trying all kind of crazy things. I have the magic flower, an empty vial and a match, but I know how to use them. I still need the fairy dust. I also have an apple, a raw haddock, a fishing rod, dog muck, a boring book, a lump hammer, a small magnet, a hen, a snorkel, magic ring, magic lens and a worn hatchet (this might be a bug). I know I need to get the pearl from the oyster and heal the boy in the town. It's obvious I need more objects. But after finally reading the comments (I can't get online often) I think I know what to do. Putting a secret door in clouds is evil! Evil!

Beside that, a brilliant homage to Dizzy series. Honestly, I was never fan of the original series. The movement of Dizzy in these games was too cumbersome and all worlds were too lethal for my taste. Not the mention the lack of a save game feature. Still, the Dizzy worlds and the main concept of the series always felt more attractive than the actual games. Spud's Quest captures so beautifully the spirit of the original series and fixes all the holes they had, introducing less lethal world and putting more emphasis on the adventure elements. And there's a save game feature. The "three objects pocket" is still there, but I respect this feature as the main rule of the series. I wasn't too annoyed with it.

I was mostly impressed with the graphics. You emulated and advanced the original style so well. There are few minor mistakes I noticed, but really not worth being specified. Perhaps only the main menu screen should have looked fancier, compared with the amount of beautiful and varied graphics inside the very game. If you don't mind me asking, what tool(s) you used to create the graphics and in what resolution you worked on them? I'm really curious. It probably won't help me, but perhaps picking the right tool is the first step.

The engine is also perfect. Spud moves so much better and controlling him is much more enjoyable than Dizzy. I did notice several bugs in the game. Like if Spud is turned into stone by Gorgon lady, he is only kicked back in the main hall and not killed completely. Some coins reappear in the game after I restore a saved game, despite the fact I collected them. Also, you can pickup the disintegrating stone again after you drop it and before it disintegrates. I can understand how this bug was hard to spot.

The puzzles and the world are very imaginatively designed.

The music is very cool. I can only complain that some tracks sounded too aggressive and not suitable for a specific location (like the town track).

One more question. What's the deal with this Fallen Angel label? I see you are not related with Joakim Sandberg in any way, and he released his Noitu Love under the same label. Is this label some sort of quality mark?

Posted by TheoX 6th November, 2006
Rated :

Yeah, I wondered about the fallen angel mark too. Is there a website for "fallen angel" games? If there is, I would love to visit...

btw, that is one hell of a long post Lachie
You can light something that may be used to cook something with the match.
Posted by ChrisD 7th November, 2006

i made the sprites in the MMF sprite editor.

And Fallen Angel is a group of developers. The site is down at the moment ( but they've made loadsa stuffs, Commando, Tango Strike, Super Kenshi whatever, etc.
Posted by vortex2 8th November, 2006

I just beat it . The game is outstanding! However you should really put more work into the ending .
Posted by phraZe 10th November, 2006

Terrific game! And outstanding graphics! How do you wake the tree btw, any hints?
Posted by TheoX 10th November, 2006
Rated :

How far are you into the game? Waking the tree is one of the last things you do.
Posted by Rhett 11th November, 2006

Would someone please send me a walkthrough? I feel a bit stupid but need some help!
Thanks in advance
Posted by The Chris Street 11th November, 2006
Posted by JMT 12th November, 2006

Excellent game, albeit with the EXTREMELY ANNOYING problem that save games do not seem to be working properly on my computer. As in, all listed at 0% and spud spawning between screens in such a manner as to cause instant death.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th November, 2006

Ok, I finished the game. The main problem was that secret door in the clouds.

Anyway, I was bored so I wrote a walkthrough. I know I'm not the first. But since I already wrote it...f*** it!


I don't accept reclamations. And I also expect to be paid for this.

Some new bugs I discovered annoyed me. Like the fact that one can't finish the game if he or she has more than 20 coins (and there is a bug that allows you to collect more than 20 coins). I was surprised with this sloppy variables management, having in mind the excellent engine. This is not rocket science. It's all in careful coding and prediction of possible bugs. Maybe this comes with experience.
Posted by X_Sheep 25th November, 2006

How's the update going?
Posted by TheoX 1st December, 2006
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Yeah, that's what I was wondering.
Guess what, I just realized that you're the same X_Sheeep from the wonderland forums.
Posted by X_Sheep 15th December, 2006

Wonderland? Don't you mean WaDF?
Posted by TheoX 21st December, 2006
Rated :

Yep. Whoops.
Man, I want that update.
Did McDavis forget about this or something?
Posted by -Liam- 2nd January, 2007

Love it.
Posted by ChrisD 19th January, 2007

The update's taking a while, but it'll be worth it
I'm adding new areas and additions to the quest as well. There will be about 30%+ more content in the release.
Posted by Ray Vaughan 25th January, 2007

How do you save the game......Rayo
Posted by Ray Vaughan 25th January, 2007

Delete dont work ??? Am I doing something wrong...such a great game
Posted by ChrisD 26th January, 2007

press SPACE when you're standing next to the SAVE CRYSTALS
Posted by Naufr4g0 26th January, 2007

Congratulation! The game reflects perfectly the old spirit of dizzy's adventures.
I play a lot the game with my little sister, who appreciated the game even more than me.
Unfortunately I wasn't be able to finish the game, because of the bug already mentioned by Lachie Dazdarian: the coins bug. I have 24 coins and the smith says me that he can't forge my sword, cause I haven't all the 20 coins. :/
In "The Woodcutters Lodge" the coin appear again after I have saved the game. This is the reason whyo I can collect more than 20 coins.
I hope you will correct soon this bug.
Posted by fucop 2nd July, 2007


I'm going to cream in this dudes hole.
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007

Damn, seeing damn as offensive is dumb.
Posted by TheoX 16th October, 2010
Rated :

I was looking through my favorites, and came to this page. I am amazed that this does not bear the stamp of "Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended".. but I'm sure the final product will!






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