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Love and War: Act I
Author: Admiral Styles Submitted: 16th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 76

Act I of Love and War is the first installment of my RPG series (made with RPG Maker 2000) that focuses on story, and particularily, character development. If that sounds like it might be interesting to you, perhaps you could grab it and give it a play. If not, well, sorry! To those who do download, I hope it proves worth your while, and I would very much like to hear any feedback you might have. You can check out the Love and War website here:


Arrow keys to move about (or the numpad keys 8, 2, 4, 6).
Z, Space Bar, or numpad enter to confirm (or talk to people, or examine a bookshelf, or open a chest, etc.)
X, or 0 in the numpad to access the menu, cancel a decision.


Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.

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Posted by Ski 16th October, 2006

oh word -_-
Posted by BeamSplashX 16th October, 2006

Big primpin'.
Posted by Hempuli 17th October, 2006

Why is Orihime there?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 20th October, 2006

I had the pleasure to play this wonderful game. It features impressive amount of dialogues and text in general, not to mention its admirable size and depth. One of the best RM2K games ever. Trust me on this.

You are missing a lot with having prejudices toward RM2K games. Most definitely in the case of Love and War.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd October, 2006

Interesting, its all pretty good, strangely enough, the only thing that bothered me was the distressing look of the characters big black outlines against the great looking background.

I like the game
Posted by Zethell 2nd November, 2006

This was made with RPG Maker wasnt it..
Atleast the graphics are from there..





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