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Bawler- The Quest For Ultimate Height
Author: TH333 Submitted: 7th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 110

Edited By Trycen (Vixxis Softworks) on 2/23/2007

By Vixxis Softworks

Everyone likes weird, random games where you play as a little green glowing orb... right? Well, for those who think they might... for some odd reason... here's a game you'll enjoy . Bawler is a verticle-scrolling platformer game in which your objective is to get as high up as you can. The higher up you get, the higher your score is. It's simple, kind of random, but very fun and addictive!

It's features include:

*Completely Original Graphics & Sound Effects

*6 Unique Worlds, Each With Their Own Distinctions

*2 Bonus Levels

*A High Score System

*10 Different Songs- All of them are remixes. The originals can be found at

*An Infinite Learning Curve- Each stage you progress through gets faster and faster. It doesn't apply to the bonus levels.


*Left/Right Arrow- Moves left or right

*Spacebar- Jumps

*Pause|Break / P / Ctrl- Pauses while in-game

*Click&Hold Screen- Allows player to drag (move) screen while not in-game (in Menu Screen, High Score, etc.)

For further information, refer to the included 'Instructions' file.

BTW... this game was actually supposed to be really simple and take only 3 or 4 hours to make, so we could have something to do while we were working on our more serious projects... It took about 3 or 4 weeks. We couldn't help ourselves . Yeah... Anyways, we hope you enjoy the game. It's fun and something to do with your spare time. Thanx!

UPDATE~v1.01: Can now be downloaded as a ZIP file (), first and second level move faster. Thanx for everyone's feedback.

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    (8.35mb )

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th October, 2006

I find it annoying that the screen scrolls at a fixed rate, particularly in the first level where it's so slow and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere. It improves after that, though. And you misspelled the name of your own game on the intro screen!
Posted by Reno 7th October, 2006

wow screenies don't work :|

I am not going to download 8MB without looking at the game first. Or perhaps i will in the morning....
Posted by TH333 7th October, 2006

...It looks like the screen shots are working... not sure why they weren't then...

About the name, I just fixed that (it said 'Hieght' instead of 'Height'). I can't beleive that out of all the people we had test it... not one of them (or us) noticed that. Thanx.

Time to fire Jordan... again...
Posted by Spiriax 8th October, 2006

The screenshots still ain't working. At least not for me.
Although it looks nice on the frontpage, and I was going to download this - until I saw it was an installer. >_<
I'll give it a go later.
Posted by steve 8th October, 2006

downloading, the graphics look quite nice
Posted by steve 8th October, 2006

*bad movement - erratic, no momentum(default 8 direction!?)
*ball falls through floor (needs collision markers)
*very annoying gameplay - waiting for camera to scroll at "-2 Y" was infuriating.
*"music"!? - a ticking clock sound repeated
*no paralax scrolling

Thumbs down, sorry
Posted by Reno 8th October, 2006

hmmm judging on the comments and the dead screenies, i am not going to download.... for now at least. AHHH INSTALLERS!!!!!
Posted by vortex2 8th October, 2006

This game was implemented extremely poorly.

The ball movement was horrible and not realistic at all. The game play mechanics were bland and the game could of used more polish.

It has such great potential but it unfourtunately sucks.
Posted by TH333 8th October, 2006

If the screenies aren't working for everyone, I guess I'll try hosting them somewhere else really quick.

Steve+Vortex- Movement isn't default... it's custom, and it was never actually meant to seem realistic. It was made to complement the gameplay. Sorry you didn't like it.

Yeah... not sure what you're talking about w/the music. Elaboration waould be helpful so I could fix it.

And... the installer. Honestly, I was really reluctant to use one, but I didn't see much any other choice. The game actually needs to intall a font, and a good majority of people probably don't know how to do that. But since everyone seems to have a true passion against installers, I'll see what I can do with a separate zip download. Maybe I'l make it a little bit faster on stage 1 too.
Posted by AndyUK 8th October, 2006

including the font in the game folder works i think. Some other games do that.
Posted by TH333 8th October, 2006

I don't think it does. We just tested that again and it didn't work.


Copy and paste the font file "92181___.TTF" into your 'WINDOWS\Fonts'
This should successfuly install the font!
Posted by BJ Turner 8th October, 2006

...or you could just select "Install New Font" in the Control Panel...
Posted by TH333 8th October, 2006

Or that...
Posted by 8th October, 2006

Just make it so that when you first run the game, the game moves the font-file from the games folder to C:\WINDOWS\FONTS

Posted by Zimtower 8th October, 2006

<yawn> a nice alternative for sleeping aids...
Posted by TH333 8th October, 2006

Thanx Skydragon! I'll do that.
Posted by renneF 9th October, 2006

Good concept, but bad execution
Posted by Werbad 9th October, 2006

Not everyone has their Windows directory at C:\Windows... I think the File object can retrieve the correct path
Posted by izac 9th October, 2006

ughh! That music almost killed me!!! UUUHHH!! I FEEL SICK!
Posted by Reno 9th October, 2006

How did this make front page?
Posted by SoftWarewolf 9th October, 2006

it got on the front page becouse of the excellent description and all the screenshots ofcourse

its a smelly cat in a fancy package, maybe it gets better after a while, but i dont intend to find out.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th October, 2006

Softwarewolf is right - games that get on the front page are because of the quality of the description, not necessarily the quality of the game.
Posted by DeadmanDines 10th October, 2006

I personally loved the idea. It was buggy, but with work this has the potential to be great fun.

I've been meaning to make a game like this for ages. Here are a few suggestions to make this better (some have already been mentioned, but repetition is good).

- Nicer movement.
- I didn't get very far, but are there checkpoints? You get so far and any times you die you'll be brought back to the checkpoint rather than the floor.
- More variety in the backgrounds.
Posted by thewreck 11th October, 2006

sure vortex2 might be biased since he is making a physics extension, but Trycen, he wasnt implying you had a default movement, he was complaning about the fact that your 'ball' didnt behave anything like a ball, so why is it a ball? It would have been better with a super-mario dude, or a dwarf, or a star-superhero or whatever, but not a ball.

Secondly, The thing with critisism isn't that you should deflect it in the best way possible, you should embrace it. You might have been developing this game with friends and family whom are never really gonna tell you the honest truth about everything in your game, when you release it into the public, you get raw opinions, without the filter. Those are valuable!

So, when you say:

"Movement isn't default... it's custom, and it was never actually meant to seem realistic. It was made to complement the gameplay. Sorry you didn't like it."

what are you saying really?

The movement of the ball was meant to complement the gameplay, but... the movement of the ball IS the gameplay! Sorry you didn't like it?, well then, who are you making this game for? If its just for yourself why post it here? The movement of the ball doesn't have to be realistic to be good, perhaps if you ask vortex what it is he doesnt like about the ball, you will get more valuable information, such as the fact that it sometimes doesn't land on the platforms, but rather in the platforms, or the fact that if a ball is the only piece of graphics your character has, couldn't it atlesat be a little animated, like when it lands or jumps. or glow differently? Or perhaps the fact that you could just hold space and jump straight off the platforms on the way up? was this intended?

The idea of moving upwards to run from the bottom of the screen is a classic idea, there are lots of games from which you can find inspiration to make it more interesting!

Take Ice Climber for example

Its more or less the same concept, but with another main character, and with more powers.

If all that is happening on the next level is a faster moving screen, why not just make it one huge level and instead of measuring endurance, measure performance? Make the screen go faster each time you hit the top of the screen, and instead measure the topspeed as score? But, you have separate levels, so why not make something more of them? add new obstacles? springs? fans? razorblades! ooh! slimy puddles!

Keep making games, and never stop listening to what people think of them, thats all i wanna say.

Posted by Bear Cub 14th October, 2006

horrible movement and scrolling!





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