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Life Online
Author: Nomulis7 Submitted: 4th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 115

Life Online is a Multi player online roleplaying game.
You can choose up to 4 character vocations. "Knight"
"Wizard" "Mage" "Paladin". You Can earn levels, gold, items,
skills, Houses, spells and more. Store items at banks or buy items at shops or from other players.start hunting party's with other players online. Create guilds and recruit other players. For More info on the game and missing file downloads goto

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Posted by Aptennap 4th October, 2006

this isn't made with click products right... besides that it looks cool.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th October, 2006

Glad to see that ppl still use Player Worlds.
Posted by steve 4th October, 2006

Sounds very promising in the description, let's hope the gameplay lives up to it

Posted by Aptennap 4th October, 2006

i downloaded it but the server is offline . You made all the sprites and tiles by yourself?

Made with eclipse creator btw
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 4th October, 2006

looks awesome!

I was sort of put down cuz I have an idea like this (only diference is that it's side-view) (and made with MMF)

Posted by Nomulis7 4th October, 2006

srry server was down i forgot to add the fact the game saves every four hours and changes ip for safter
just goto my site goto server and the new server ip will be listed were online now
Posted by Aptennap 4th October, 2006

ke thnx
Posted by Nomulis7 4th October, 2006

also i am looking for. gm's, mappers,item editors,and others so if u would like to join post here
Posted by Silveraura 4th October, 2006

@techno_games: any game can be made in MMF2 and look just as good, if not better, then any other 2D game. Graphics make a huge change in klik games. The mistake could be easy though, seeing as 'MOST' klikers have a difficult time drawing sprites, and aren't willing to pay for someone to do it.

Game looks cool by the way!
Posted by Aptennap 5th October, 2006

Brandon : i mean i looked on the site of that mmorpg creator and saw you could just download the sprites and tiles.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 5th October, 2006

I'm willing to be gm or item editor
Posted by KnifeFight 5th October, 2006

Nice item sprites circa Odyssey Online?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th October, 2006

Nomu - I might be interested in being a mapper, I've got lots of previous PW Exp (Both my own servers and others).

DC mail me if you're interested.
Posted by Nomulis7 6th October, 2006

You No longer have to go back to the site to find out the server ip just use this.
Posted by Nova Soft 9th October, 2006

Why the hell does the download zip come with AJ's Resource Hacker? lmao
Posted by Zethell 12th October, 2006

Knight, Wizard, Mage & Paladin...

You don't think changeing Wizard to Ranger would make more sense ?

And like Paladin to Roughe.. ?
Then instead just add Sub-Classes to Knight like..
Warrior - Knight - Paladin..

Soo its basicly..
Warrior, Warrior, Magician & Magician.
Thats only 2 classes written 2 times each.

Downloading in hope that its a good game.
Posted by Zethell 22nd October, 2006

This wasnt made with a Click Product like TGF/MMF was it..

And its FULL of ripped graphics..

Thumb down from me
Posted by NeoMonkey 16th December, 2006

Hmm This game is made with elysium Diamond, made by pingu.
Allthought it contains no music, only 4 maps (small), elysium diamond bonus back graphics (ripped), I thing ripped menu (from net), Also no coding changed (look menu button text are in different place as the place where they should be. Reshack added? Only thing it is useful in doing is changing the games icon. Althought I thing this is made by maker who can't use vb. It is only diamond with ripped graphs. Thumps way down.





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