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Gwerdy Chat for Clickteam v 0.7b
Author: gwerdy Submitted: 26th September, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Application Downloads: 236
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Edited By gwerdy on 10/5/2006

Gwerdy Chat is a chat client which integrates with the Clickteam forum database of users is now ready for download in the form of a beta version.

For those that remember, the software is sort of a replacement for the old V-Chat programs. To use Gwerdy Chat download the file above and unzip the contents (ensure he directory structure is maintained). On the login screen enter your clickteam forum display name and password.

As this is a beta version some functionality has yet to be implemented, please report and bugs or problems in this thread or private message me.

Further details, bug reports etc please refer to the thread:

Happy chatting!

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Posted by izac 26th September, 2006

GOTW! Very nice.
Posted by izac 26th September, 2006

woo first comment!
Posted by Silveraura 26th September, 2006

Great use of the MDI if you ask me.
Posted by 26th September, 2006

Dam, this is nice!
Posted by Reno 26th September, 2006

Regarding: "On the login screen enter your clickteam forum display name and password."

I am not going to enter my clickteam forum info on a application that could VERY well just send the data to a secret IMI file or somehwere else. I basicly use the same password for everyhting and I am not going to leak it in a program that I can't choose my own unsername or password to.

Otherwise I am sure this is a good app (BTW if you use the MDI object for voice clips, it doesn't work on my computer anyways or else I would have done this for my game)
Posted by Chrisbo 27th September, 2006

I guess I'm not totally clear on this, is it basically a chat program that is specifically for Clickteam's forums? Or is it like an IRC client? Looks cool either way, I'm gonna check it out tomorrow
Posted by X_Sheep 27th September, 2006

It's specifically for Clickteam, but it has features similar to IRC.
Posted by gwerdy 27th September, 2006

Reno: The password is not submitted for the login check, an MD5 hash of it is.

If you select so on the title screen the password can be stored in the local settings.ini file to speed up login time if you want to. Feel free to change the password on the CT forum to something you dont use any place else.

Chrisbo: Its design is similar to IRC but it is not an IRC client, in fact it uses Moo Click.
Posted by Moonyjacob 27th September, 2006

It is a great chat program. I was afraid to put in my username and password at first.

But i went for it and it was great there were loads of people on it! I'm voting GOTW for this!
Posted by Reno 27th September, 2006

ok then I will try it
Posted by gwerdy 27th September, 2006

I had to force an update for a security fix, if you have already downloaded and can no longer connect please redownload from the same link.
Posted by PeterD 27th September, 2006

Posted by Chrisbo 28th September, 2006

Works well! I like it.
Posted by Tim 3rd October, 2006

It works well though I wouldn't use it.
Posted by Tomssuli 4th October, 2006

hmm... I made an account but it keeps telling "invalid password-username combination :S
Posted by Tomssuli 4th October, 2006

Ahaah... You should put the visible name there and not the sign in -name
Posted by izac 5th October, 2006

Vote GOTW!!
Posted by Zethell 17th October, 2006

Eww.. it looks very windowish like..
Sorry, if i hate the interface i can't simply use it.

Nicely made thou.
Posted by sysoptic 19th April, 2007

I can't connect to te server
Posted by eliris 26th August, 2010

Please tell me how to make a thing that login like this





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