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Crapou engine
Author: Gobushi San Submitted: 11th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 201

Edited By Flava on 9/11/2006

NOTE: MMF 1.5 required, comes with exe and open source file.

The character names is Crapougnat. he use a dorsal helicopter to move and shot with mobile gun.
you can use direction key to move crapougnat and to select gun direction. you must use ctrl key to destroy defense satellite.
When you have destroy all defense satellite, you win.

What is "Crapougnat Engine"?
Crapougnat engine is a project that I, hornoy eddy, have been working a few years ago from scratch using my original
graphics. it's an engine for platform action game

What can I do with it?
You can download the crapougnat Engine and play it as you would any game, only its currently a abandonware.
There is only one level.

Is it free?
Yes, crapougnat Engine is free to be downloaded and played.

Is it open-source?
yes it's open source engine.

What program do you use?
Multimedia Fusion by clickteam (

can i use the engine or a part of the engine?
yes you can use it.

can i use Graphics?
yes you can use all or part of the graphics.

Final Words?
i hope you like it.

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Posted by Ski 11th September, 2006

I should hope it is free at those standards, and with library gfx!1 LOL I adore how you give permisson for us to use the library gfx
Posted by [blanco] 12th September, 2006

Next time you're naming your game/main character, try to avoid euphemisms for fecal matter(ie. poop, doo-doo, sh*t, crap, Ben Afflec's acting ability). This isn't written in stone, but you should probably get a few games under your belt before you take a chance like that. People may be reluctant to D/L a file that is (unironically) named (Note: I'm pretty sure that your english comprehension isn't the greatest and it was unintentional.)
Posted by Yuhkaz 12th September, 2006

Not bad engine, not using alot of custom movement/camera sort of stuff. The events in the source file are a bit messy.

Could be useful to some people.
Posted by Gobushi San 12th September, 2006

I'm sorry for the engine name. I'm french and i have created this hero a few year ago. in french crap is not reference for fecal matter.

if it's possible i can rename the engine.

you can use graphics, just write my name in last screen of game

Posted by 12th September, 2006

I liked it!
Posted by Zethell 23rd September, 2006

Phizzy, stop using lipstick, it dosn't suit you.





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