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The Museum of Broken Memories
Author: Jonas Kyratzes Submitted: 4th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 107

Welcome to the Museum of Broken Memories. A place of fragments, thoughts, and living nightmares - a paradox resting within the human soul. You may ask many questions: Where is it? What is it? And why are you there? But the true question is this: is there a way out?

The Museum of Broken Memories is a free graphical adventure game. It is played exclusively with a mouse and has no action sequences. It is, however, unusually experimental in nature, so it is wise to keep an open mind.

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Posted by Nova Soft 4th September, 2006

Absolutely beautiful so far...
Posted by Nova Soft 4th September, 2006

You are a genius, this is mindblowing... Very profound. When searching in the darkness, despite seeing nothing but black, my mind was racing. The eerie soundtrack combined with the text is playing severe mind tricks. Must explore.
Posted by Nova Soft 4th September, 2006

Amen, Los.
Posted by 4th September, 2006

Wow.. this is great!
Posted by 5th September, 2006

I dont know what to say... Very weird but i still like it... Ill just play some more
Posted by DaVince 5th September, 2006

I like experimental / weird games. *downloads*
Posted by 5th September, 2006

This game is very wellmade, i love it.
Ive completed two "levels" so far
Posted by 5th September, 2006

Completed it!
This is really beautiful, thanks a lot!
Posted by Peblo 6th September, 2006

Some of these levels just hurt my head. Nevertheless, a good game, thumbs up.
Posted by axel 6th September, 2006

I didn't enjoy it that much really. It was kind of... artistic. But boring, in my opinion. This wasn't a klik game eh? Didn't look like it anyway. No cncs232.dll or anything.
Posted by axel 6th September, 2006

But why would you disable alt+f4 for it (Or why didn't you code that). Okay, esc. But in some rooms I couldn't quit at all.
Posted by Daymian T 6th September, 2006

This is great! Very unique and creepy. I like it!
Posted by DanielRehn 9th September, 2006

Great game
Posted by 9th September, 2006

Mind you, Axel, cncs232.dll isn't external to the exe anymore.
Posted by 11th September, 2006

Very interesting concept. And a very good utilization of suggestion in the dark rooms.
Posted by Cocodrilo 11th September, 2006

lol, you got that floor on the first pic on the internet (google) ?? I know that cuz i have it too
Posted by steve 13th September, 2006

very atmospheric, well written. Thumbs up.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 14th September, 2006

I liked this game but it's more an interactive story than a game. You definitely have talent for writing and creating ominous/frightening atmosphere.
Posted by Jakob37 15th September, 2006

Really, really nice. Really, really deep feeling. Easy thumb up.
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007

It was good.





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