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Author: EricPratt Submitted: 4th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 41

Edited By EricPratt on 9/5/2006

Edited By EricPratt on 9/4/2006

IcePick is a whimsical little title with game play akin to classic Minesweeper. Icepick features a built in tutorial, progressive difficulty, and backgrounds that transition from summer to winter as you play.
After launching IcePick, you can choose to view your personal hiscores page, the built in tutorial, play the game, or exit.
After choosing to play, you can then select how many "mines" to begin the game with. Keep in mind that one mine will be added to the grid after every successfully completed level.

Note* IcePick was created with Multimedia Fusion as a free and fun kickoff to our website's game library. It does feature one website promo screen when you exit the game but it can be immediately exited (i.e. there is no timer count down before you can exit.) Please enjoy our humble game and feel free to send us any feedback!

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Posted by Silveraura 4th September, 2006

Screenshots are to small.
Posted by EricPratt 5th September, 2006

Hey BrandonC,
I've replaced the smaller screenshots with 640x480 ones. I didn't realize I could post shots that large. Very cool... Thanks for looking and by all means let me know what you think are these.
Posted by Nova Soft 5th September, 2006

Very nice. I like the music and background landscapes.

The game plays very much like (if not, identically) to minesweeper (as you've acknowledged).

A few original features would have been appreciated but overall, it's certainly an improvement over the default Windows minesweeper
Posted by EricPratt 5th September, 2006

Hey NovaSoft,

Thanks very much for the kind words. What suggestions do you have for added features? We hope to improve the game as time goes on with added backdrops and probably a feature to choose the level you want to start on (right now it randomizes which scene you begin on.) If you (or any else) have any feature suggestions please post here or shoot me an email.

Eric Pratt
Posted by sylzayz 6th September, 2006

not my kind of game, but looks well made.
Posted by TH333 9th September, 2006

Backgrounds look nice. Did you do them with Terragen?
Posted by EricPratt 9th September, 2006

Thanks Trycen!
Absolutely, Terragen is a pretty awesome program for landscapes and such. I did do a little post render tweaking with Metacreation's Painter 3d though. Glad you liked!

Eric Pratt
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007

Terragen sucks.




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