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Mega Man Battles
Author: LPStreetSoldierM Submitted: 19th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 64

Edited By LPStreetSoldierM on 8/19/2006

Edited By LPStreetSoldierM on 8/19/2006

Edited By LPStreetSoldierM on 8/19/2006

A Mega Man clone I made a very long time ago using KNP, so don't expect too much.
Fight different bosses one by one until you reach Dr. Wily.
Some of the bosses include:
Pharaoh Man
Fire Man
Skull Man
Dust Man
Quick Man
Toad Man
Evil Protoman (edited from another game)
Crash Man (side scrolling stage)
Dr. Wily

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Posted by Xentull 19th August, 2006

Well i didn't download or play it but it looks boring....
And yes you made along time ago but then why did you submit it?

Posted by LPStreetSoldierM 19th August, 2006

I submitted it now because I wanted to put a completed game, even if it is old.
I wanted to open it up and add nicer visuals, but couldn't. I don't have the original non-protected file.
Posted by axel 19th August, 2006

Please, no more megaman fangames
Posted by Ski 20th August, 2006

Acid games I thought you were leaving?
Posted by Whippers With 21st August, 2006

I'd say this is more of an insult game than a fan game. Is it really a "clone" just because the graphics are ripped?
Posted by LPStreetSoldierM 21st August, 2006

Like I said, it was made back when I had KNP. I barely had experience. I made others with TGF, but they were lost.
Posted by steve 23rd August, 2006

I wasnt expecting much but this is actually quite fun!
Only thing letting it down is the default movement causing direction problems (and jumping problems on the stage with platforms)

Thumbs up, considering it was made in KNP.
Posted by Xeru Haru 23rd August, 2006

Yo, I might be like, new and stuff, but aren't these just the boss battles from an old KNP game called 'MegaMan 2000', just with a poorly written storyline, a bad title screen, and some other stuff added in...Oh and the 2-Player mode and semi-scrolling levels taken out....
Posted by Zethell 4th September, 2006

I'd say Whispers Within is gay..

Yepp, thats all.
Posted by DS Strider 21st March, 2007

Skull Man is way too overpowered, even using the fram wrap to avoid his attacks. I'm very disappointed in this game.




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