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Open 3Dungeon
Author: Mruqe Submitted: 16th August, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 540

Open 3Dungeon (v.1.0)
(c) Mruqe Games 2006

is an open-source pseudo-3D engine for 'The Games Factory'. It's able to display a representation of a maze using an oldschool 3D view similiar to those used in classic "Dungeon Master" or "Eye of the Beholder" games. It's perfect for dungeon exploration cRPG games but it can be easily altered for other purposes. It's very basic design makes it easy to use and understand. It also allows it to be run on older PC machines - at least in the regular screensize.

- Five step depth of view
- An automap
- Strafing
- Two screen size modes
- Extensive code comments
- High compatibility
- Works fast
- Works properly even on old Pentium 133 machines

The engine was created using The Games Factory 1 but can be used in any klik game developing software except Klik&Play. The basic version uses Christoper Lightfoot's Window Object extension (gfwnd.gox) provided with the engine. In aplications other than TGF1 either use the safe-mode version of the engine (3Dungeon_compatibility.gam) that is stripped of the Window Object extension or use the MMF2 version ((3Dungeon(mmf2).mfa) which replaces the extension with MMF2 native Window Control object.


Step forward: arrow up
Step backwards: arrow down
Turn left / right: arrow left / right
Strafing: ctrl key + arrow left / right
Display / hide viewpoint objects (debug feature): v
Display / hide perspective grid (debug feature): g

You can use it and modify it freely as long as you include Mruqe Games in your games credits. I also would like you to notify me about your project at:

The labyrinth is built by placing 3x3 pixel 'blocks' (obstacle background) on the minimap. You'll figure it out

Read the code comments in the event editor to understand how the engine works.

Alter the graphics! I made the walls blue to make you not like them and encourage you to change them

I hope you'll find this engine usefull. I'd really like to see some games made with it some time...

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Posted by Mruqe 16th August, 2006

Two issues:
SiteSled is acting strange. I hope you won't have any problems downloading the file. It works for me.

I'll be away for a while. You won't reach me until monday. But still - post anything that comes to your mind. I'll answer all the comments once I'm back.

Posted by 16th August, 2006

Simple, but very very nice
This inspires me to make a RPG-kinda thingie with this engine. I think ill give it a try. Maybe one with Lawrence Fishburn as the main character?
Posted by 16th August, 2006

Lol maybe i will send you a postcard.
Posted by Del Duio 17th August, 2006

Mrque, this looks wonderful! Perhaps a DXF - Mrque joint venture into the world of Undertown 2 IS in order afterall!
Posted by Jason Orme 17th August, 2006


Any chance of making an example game using this engine?
Posted by Bibin 18th August, 2006

Nice. It's similar to the Pac-Man 3D engine.
Posted by Mruqe 18th August, 2006

Front page - how cool. And It was my 25th birthday yesterday - I'll consider it a birthday present, Wong Anyway - I have only few minutes of internet acces, so I'll reply to all the comments now:

@Skydragon: Thank you! I really hope people will make some games using my engine. And as far as I'm concerned - you could even make Samuel L. Jackson the main character

@Del Duio: I was hoping that it might happen some time

@Jason Orme: I'm sorry, but I have no time to klik at all right now due to certain familly issues. I was planing to include object and monster/NPC handling in this engine but I had to cut it down to what you see in order to finally release it at all... I hope to work some more on it later on.

@Bibin: Yeah! I know! Actually it's your Pacman 3D game inspired me do do this. How hard could it be - I thought. And it turned out to be pretty easy. It took about 10 work hours to develop from scratch. I was planing to add some stuff - hence the deleay of release. And BTw, I've included you in the Special Thanks section of ReadMe!.txt file.
Posted by Reno 18th August, 2006

Posted by JustinC 18th August, 2006

I've seen quite a few of these. I wish someone would make a smoother one though.
Posted by Airflow 19th August, 2006

Graphically that's tricky because you'd have to animate all the walls getting bigger and smaller.
Posted by Evil-Ville 19th August, 2006

I'll surely give this a try.
Posted by Del Duio 19th August, 2006

This is good Mrque, and it's a good idea on how to structure the maze too. My eyes almost exploded at the red and green goodness when I turned the depth thing on though! Also, it wouldn't let me do the screen x 2 thing, just the smaller window. Plus, it's coded and commented on perfectly too. Thumbs up!
Posted by Fanotherpg 19th August, 2006

It is quite identical like my FW engine but it presents good nice work Mruge.
Posted by Fanotherpg 20th August, 2006

Phizzy... nc for your comment. I only say that it's similiar because I know how I written my example and I checked how this example works and it's almost identical.. And if you say that it's shit create your own and present your abilities withnout any extension.
Posted by Mruqe 21st August, 2006

Add fastloops. It's pretty easy. I didn't d it only because of compatibility issues - TGF uses Cellosoft's fastloops extensions while all later aplications have built in fastloops. I might add a fastloop version later on, when I have a hour or two to spare.

And there's a section of the code called "Delay". Look into it. That's what makes the engine go step by step

@Fanotherpg: you never submitted the source of your engine - so mine has nothing to do with yours - except that it inspired me to code it.
Posted by Mruqe 21st August, 2006

Yeah. I didn't get your comment right. Faster is not the same as smoother so I'll guess you're right. Your half - step animation idea seems OK. Do your stuff
Posted by Fanotherpg 21st August, 2006

Mruge I said that I know code of my engine and yours so I know that it looks similiar but not identical nc - no comment because I don't what to say something stupid.. so better I don't say nothing.. But Mruge engine is very interesting
Posted by Mruqe 21st August, 2006

You can't blame him. We don't use 'Q' in polish.
Posted by Mruqe 21st August, 2006

But we have great pickled cucumbers
Posted by Fanotherpg 22nd August, 2006

Mruge o co mu chodzi z tym 'Q'. I sometimes use 'Q' in Polish but not always
Posted by Mruqe 22nd August, 2006

Gościu! Przyjrzyj się mojemu nickowi? Gdzie masz tam 'G' ?!

You do? Give an example of a polish word with 'Q' in it.
Posted by Mruqe 22nd August, 2006

O_o huh?
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

"But we have great pickled cucumbers"

Too much info..
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd August, 2006

Ou yea Q know I see that with my settings of IE q and g is the same (in nicks) like always in Microsoft soft something is strange sorry for that Mruqe





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