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Chao's mazes
Author: jerome Submitted: 15th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 118

Edited By jerome on 8/15/2006

Push block game like Zelda's little mazes with chaos from sonic the hedgehog game. Developed with my own 3D engine based on OpenGL.

Designed for decent configuration and ATI 3D cards.

Warning : Nvidia cards may not run the game.

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 (8 mkb )

Posted by 15th August, 2006

Doesnt work for me.
Guess its my graphic card thats not good enough. Looks good though!
Posted by Silveraura 15th August, 2006

Why the sudden interest in Sonic games around TDC? I started working on my Sonic game a few weeks back and suddenly Sonic is showing up around here.

PS: Anyway, if ATI can run this game, nVidia will for sure, nVidia beats ATI in performance.
Posted by Mruqe 16th August, 2006

It's a compatibility issue, not performance. ATI and nVidia cards have little diferences in handling OpenGL.
Posted by Deep Games ( 16th August, 2006

(Begins to chant) ATI! ATI! P.S. downloading now
Posted by Ski 16th August, 2006

WOOT I love chao!
Posted by jerome 16th August, 2006

ATI cards are designed for DirectX and Nvidia cards for OpenGL gl.


I wish someone could complete the game
Posted by Werbad 16th August, 2006

Pretty good game! Only thing i noticed was that when you run it in 800x600 some maps doesn't fit on the screen
Posted by DaVince 16th August, 2006

Looking good. Will play it on my other PC.
Posted by Blake 16th August, 2006

Nice game, simplistic but it works well.
Posted by steve 17th August, 2006

Some really ingenius puzzles in there, I got to stage 2-7 so far.

Thumbs up

Only thing I didnt like was accidenatlly pushing blocks sometimes when I only wanted to walk.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th August, 2006

Great game so far.
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007

lol, I finally know what a "Chao" is and was surprised by this game.




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