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Author: Monkey Soft Submitted: 14th June, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 293
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Edited By Monkey Soft on 6/18/2006

NaaC is a fast single-screen shooter in which you can kill thousand of smelling aliens. Play as a space marine, kidnappened from the Earth, packed with only a jetpack and a pistol, and defeat a horde of monster!

* Arena and Survive mode
* 100% original and high-res graphics
* 7 different weapons
* extended combo system
* original soundtrack and sfx
* online highscore
* 5 different types of alien
* 3 deadly bonuses
* boss and mini-bosses
* comfortable mouse+keyboard control system
* a lot of blood on the floor...


Move : WASD or Directional Arrows
Aim : Mouse Pointer
Shoot : Mouse Left Click
Change Weapon : Mouse Right Click

Check in-game HELP for all other keys.

Check also for the latest high scores!

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 (11 mkb )

Posted by Hempuli 15th June, 2006


i'm sorry but this quite basic. Kill everything-typish games are not my games.

Good graphics still.
I think i'll still give thumbs up
Posted by 15th June, 2006

Sweet Bio-organics! Thumbs up!
Posted by Mruqe 15th June, 2006

Looks swell... Too bad I can't try it right now
Posted by ben mercer 16th June, 2006

The graphics are really good, and the graphic for the menu screen is especially good. I can't stand the came though, there's just not much to it.
Posted by ben mercer 17th June, 2006

Dude, 99% of the games on this site are derivitive. Most people aren't trying to create new styles of graphics/gameplay rather than re-create the type of games they know and love. e.g. platformers.

You haven't been talking to aspy snake have you?
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

Even it's supposed to be 100% gfx original the whole game is basically:

smashTVgameplay +factorX2movements and character style +standard weapon setting +alienBreed-like sprites and background.

all in a only one clueless arcade boss-enriched stage where nothing original happens, and its the usual cleaning job of AI-less monsters that are all a load of froward and forward-you-oriented balls. (even in Destruction Carnival there was more variety)

the game itself is well done ok (with lots of annoying gay sounds tho) while I've nothing agaisnt smash TV / destruction carnival clones but would be nice to see something new, sometimes, than something less.
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

you're right, 99% of games here are derivative from super mario because they're platformer.

I'm sorry but I dont appreciate games for their menu screen.
Posted by ben mercer 17th June, 2006

No I don't appreciate games for their menu screen, but this guy did exceptionally well on the graphics and for that he deserves some credit.
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

Posted by steve 17th June, 2006

i'm suprised at the negative comments here for this game.

This is a quality title, clearly alot of effort has been put in.
The game does exactly what it's supposed to, good old-school style gameplay.
I couldnt find fault with it really.
Thumbs up.
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

it's boring? ^_
Posted by Greasy 17th June, 2006

Im suprised at the negative comments too. This is a very well made game and it's definately better than any of the other candidates for GOTW.
Posted by Hempuli 17th June, 2006

FOSHIZZLENAKPEEYUYU beats this in my opinion!
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

Posted by Greasy 17th June, 2006

Hmm, yes , I suppose it depends who you are.
Posted by norfair 17th June, 2006

Hmm, yes , lol, that would mean what, sir? ^_
Posted by 17th June, 2006

good game, i love it. how long did it take you to make?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th June, 2006

Amazing graphics. I checked out your site. I love the drawings!
Posted by Tomssuli 18th June, 2006

I and some of my friends have been waiting for this full version. At last!
Posted by Mruqe 18th June, 2006

Very good. I see that a lot of work has been put into this one.

Congratulations, Monkey Soft
Posted by norfair 18th June, 2006

Posted by Teapot 18th June, 2006

Really good.
Posted by Ben Berntsen 18th June, 2006

The graphics are good but the game itself kinda turned me off. It's annoying how shooting your gun knocks you backwards, constantly forcing you into the corners. I thought it was a bug at first because it's so distracting. I was fighting the controls more than the aliens.
Posted by norfair 18th June, 2006

but there's Chuck Norris.
Posted by Milo 18th June, 2006

Looks good, but not my kind of game
Posted by Mruqe 18th June, 2006

Once again - congratulations.
The graphics look as good as Team 17 classics. Or even better at some places. The dynamic gameplay was a bit to fast for me (I couldn't make it to the online scoreboard - even at the second go), but that's not a downfall for this kind of game. I can't really judge the sounds - I played at work so I had to turn them off

Normally I don't enjoy this kind of games, but this one is really worth recomending.

Thumbs way up.
Posted by Monkey Soft 18th June, 2006

Uh, it's nice that people enjoys a 2day-8bitcolor-madebya famousclicker game more than a 7months-professionallooking-madebynoone game... very nice

Thanks to all!
Posted by steve 18th June, 2006

Monkey, dont be put off by the one or two who didnt like it.
I played this again today and stand by my thumbs up
Posted by 18th June, 2006

people here are super opinionated, and if they dont like Smash TV, they won't like this. If you have trouble pointing and shooting, there is something wrong with you. Everyone likes to see aliens exploding! I think it was well done. Gj.
Posted by norfair 18th June, 2006

I love smashTV. And DC. And AI2 last stand .
Yet, I find this one just boring.
You fail at theories.
Posted by norfair 18th June, 2006

"Uh, it's nice that people enjoys a 2day-8bitcolor-madebya famousclicker game more than a 7months-professionallooking-madebynoone game... very nice "


Who's famous?
I doubt professionists use to recycle old game concepts with ripped-looking gfx working for 7 months, tho.
And please, accept the contest without such pathetic comments,
you're embarrassing.
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

Jonathan Smeby IS famous. Deservingly - I must add. I'm relativly new to the klik community and he was one of the first people that seem to have a name everywhere I go.

Where where you, mr. NOrFAIR, when 1246th breakout clone or 67643763rd Mario fangame was uploaded to TDC? Why haven't you commented on their lack of originall idea?

I do agree that an original concept is vital for a klik game so it won't get lost in a nameless crowd. But this idea isn't as over-used as some other and this particular game is one of the best of it's implementations.

You stated your opinion - and I agree with it at part - but could you just let it be now, please?

Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

lol, of course that I let it be, its everything really funny, n00bish-7months-professiona-madebynoone-etcshit comments included.

"Where where you, mr. NOrFAIR, when 1246th breakout clone or 67643763rd Mario fangame was uploaded to TDC?"

I'm even glad you literally understand my username, since you're also right: It's necessary today to comment all other old bad games in order to pick the last one of the list, so please, pardon my lack of presence, next time I'll start commenting at least from last year' games.

"But this idea isn't as over-used as some other and this particular game is one of the best of it's implementations."

this is in your opinion, so just let be mine different as well, and now please shut down the argument, its getting annoying, mostly because you also fail at theories.
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

Flamer without a cause.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 19th June, 2006

Great game - nice work
Posted by Henry GALE 19th June, 2006

Yeah! This doom-like is really crazy!!! Blood, blood blood!
Posted by Hugo B. 19th June, 2006

Very nice game! Even though it may be a copied concept, it still is a lot of fun to play. Keep up the good work and don't let the fact that not everybody is charmed by this type of game get you down Monkey!
Posted by _rydin 19th June, 2006

An amazing game. Great graphics combined with a unique phyics engine adds up to make some entertaining gameplay. Very good job. Thumbs up for sure.

It takes alot to apprieciate a shooter , and I can see why most people turn on the hate switch when it comes to them, but to bring up unoriginallity and claim its only present in this one single klik game is just wrong.
Over 75% of ALL games created, commerical, recreational, klik, c++, are RIP OFFS. As a matter of fact, if a game fits into a genre, the odds are very high that its a copy of another game. I agree that its sometimes physically painful to play knock-offs, and alot of cases it is, but this game is an exception. There are no signs of this game being "thrown together" anywhere; alot of thought went into every small detail.
So if you are looking for the unoriginallity plee, I believe you are in the wrong place.
Posted by Monkey Soft 19th June, 2006

@Hugo: Well, no problem, I understood too late he was a flamer...

Anyway, I respect everybody's thought. I admit that this game lacks a bit of variety, but our target was to make an highly polished game.
And still, I think this game is great fun.
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

"[...] our target was to make an highly polished game."

Well, your job here is done
Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

why am I a flamer
Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

How monkey soft respects everybody's thoughts:

Uh, it's nice that people enjoys a 2day-8bitcolor-madebya famousclicker game more than a 7months-professionallooking-madebynoone game... very nice

Posted by Monkey Soft 19th June, 2006

> why am I a flamer

Ask Rikus, that deleted your previous comments.
Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

I that always Rikus at ask.
Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

btw, I'll probably change idea about this game if you ensure me that the sexy male voice sounds I hear during combos, are actually yours.
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

Still here? Good. Because I wanted to ask you what exactly did you mean by "ripped-looking gfx"? Doesn't that mean that the graphics were as good as if they were ripped from a commercial game, but they were actually made by the authors? Why that's a compliment... I just don't think you meant it that way.
Posted by norfair 19th June, 2006

if you find this game original, then surely ripping is a compliment.

of course the gfx is done by the man, being also professionally improved (5 sprites + 1 background whoah) was just funny that even there are really few pieces that compose the scene, ALL of them have the same look (concept) of pieces from other games, nothing awful the game looks good, its just funny the freshness effort that he put into the remake:

character + weapon effects:

alien sprites:

background, walls, wormish black alien flesh included
same game (alien breed 2),
sorry if I havent found any precise screen to show off of it. seek aroud by yourself if you want to add more compliments.
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

Posted by Rikus 19th June, 2006

Guys all in all, agree to disagree, its a good game with cool looking graphics that's what counts, why spend so much time making a point. Everyone can have an opinion but "norfair" it could have been said a bit better it was not the most constructive post ever that you made, we are here to help eachother out not to be 100% negative. Topic closed as far as i'm concerned.
Posted by 19th June, 2006

thank you Rikus
Posted by norfair 20th June, 2006

Posted by AfterStar 20th June, 2006

I think this is a simple professional game that does exactly what is meant to be.A shooter and a good one I may add with decent graphics..I like the jetpat moving style,makes the game a bit more difficult but more interesting.
The keys for the weapons could be made better,or adding the keyboard numbers for each of them I think would've been a good idea.(e.x. 1 -> selects weapon 1(Rifle), 2 -> selects weapon 2(Shotgun) etc.)

I got really pissed off when I finally killed the boss,the game crashed :/.Life is unfair!

Norfair:Relax man,its just a game,you made your point the first time,no need to go on and on about it.
Posted by norfair 20th June, 2006

Dont worry the tasty plees relaxe me greatly.

ah btw:

while I suggest you to check out the game, very enjoyable:
Posted by Beppo 20th June, 2006

This game is awesumness, it's made very good, it is funny and addictive, it has no bug, and there is a lotta blod. What more? It definitly deserve teh gotw.

And, norfair, nobody cares about your opinion, you said it 200 times, now shut the f. off, stupid bitch in search of attentions...
Posted by norfair 20th June, 2006


why do you worry so much about this release; you're also supporting that in the FOSHIZZLENAKPEEYUYU page... are you the guy of the sexy masculine male voice sounds of combos ?
(If yes I could even change my opinion about this game, you know.)

err.. I actually dont see how someone should care about what I dont care to say as well while was instead someone else who was caring to ask me about how much I care about the ripped-looking issues and stuff...

and, uh... attentions for what?
Interesting idea, but where it realizes; I've even noticed a related game that people who enjoyed this one could like as well, so whats the problem, does that disturbs you?

thanks anyhow for free relaxing compliments, I tought that there was no need as I and others didnt need to offend anybody in such terms in here,
nice also to get that in a such rare italian sound taste.

Because you dont fail at theories. ^_

ps - I'm in plee of awesumness!
Posted by Monkey Soft 20th June, 2006

Mr.norfair is just a big troll. Please ignore him.
Posted by norfair 21st June, 2006

Mr. Monkey Soft' perception of irony = 0%.
Posted by Muse 21st June, 2006

Quite an interesting game, nice old school shootemup action and nothing more. It's obvious norfair is jealous or just has a problem with someone making a decent game. Sure it does get repetitive but it does it's job
Posted by Snakesoft 21st June, 2006

Excellent game, definitely deserves GOTW.
Would be great to see on this site more games of this quality and less flamers, but whatever.
Posted by norfair 21st June, 2006

and that's a funny job ^_
Posted by norfair 21st June, 2006

ps - Im jelous: I dont a have a such sexy and masculine male voice like that.
Posted by norfair 21st June, 2006

Heheee more italian friends are come to vote!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st June, 2006

Norfair, STFU. You're really starting to wear on me. You've made your point, now move on.
Posted by Assault Andy 21st June, 2006

Really awesome game, extremely well presented. It oozes with quality. How ever it is kind of annoying how I have to unlock survival mode though . I'd better get back to playing arena!
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 22nd June, 2006

This is a really really good game, too bad the reviews been polluted by Norfair.
Posted by Monkey Soft 22nd June, 2006

There is a second way to unlock Survive Mode... *cough* readme *cough*
Posted by norfair 22nd June, 2006

whoah I'm the polluterman
Posted by norfair 22nd June, 2006

hey I havent done any review of this game...

.. how great idea!
Posted by NamelessOne 22nd June, 2006

NICE, exactly what i wanted in a shooter, great job and plus that foshizzle game or however u spelt it made me close to blind, im not used to intensive 8 bit graphics. This is for u Smeby, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!

ARGHHHHH love this game so much more than foshizzle.

Also what is with the name, where did u get the name for foshizzle or whatever.

Posted by NaaCDudE 22nd June, 2006

I'm the Gfx artist of Naac, sorry but every pixel and sounds in our game is 100% from scratch, sorry again! Naac have nothing to do with AlienBreed and Smashtv but the genre and the "alien theme".
Posted by norfair 22nd June, 2006

Im pleased as to how stupid you think we are.
Posted by Greasy 22nd June, 2006

This game came back from way far behind.
Posted by Greasy 22nd June, 2006

By the way, Norfair, Where's your klik games,huh? I don't see any. Maybe if you had some games available to download you would have the right to even ay that someone 's game is bad.
Posted by norfair 22nd June, 2006

you're gonna fail, this is a classic n00b attempt.

Huh, now just look up: and tell me where do you see me literally saying the game is bad.
Saying its unoriginal does not mean the whole game is 'bad', do you... get it?
Forgive my limit of reference, because I also said instead it's pretty well done, while it's even good for how really stimulates me, containing some actual great sexual masculine sound adds.

Maybe, for you being not involved as developer in klik games does not make someone able to recognize as player what he has seen somewhere before, but you even pretend as necessary to have own games to say something you don't like.

ergo, you're now just trying to 'destroy' me with off-topic issues since you like the game and therefore you feel motivated to 'defend' that without caring to what my noticing purposes are referred to.

Another guy has just delighted me by explaining how this gfx is instead freshly inspired, but you seem to do not get that point neither.

Pretty poor, as I enjoy that.
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 23rd June, 2006

This game kicks ass, it's pretty much the only DC game I've played more than once and saved on my comp. Goodjob
Posted by Monkey Soft 23rd June, 2006


I just discovered our graphics are derivative, there's nothing fresh in it! OMG!
Now we are changing our sprites in clown, and the new setting will be a hospital.
Plus, we are resampling voices to add a French accent, to delight our French (gay) fans.

Posted by norfair 23rd June, 2006

as how you heavily suck at humor, you're even a lot funnier than me.
Posted by Muse 23rd June, 2006

It's actually sarcasm.
Posted by Beppo 23rd June, 2006

Monkey, ignore that boring laxative of norfair, don't answer him, let him write bullshits all the day over his sperm dirty keyboard. People here is not stupid, you'll see, and the votes confirm that this is a great game
norfair, i've accidentally deleted your mail, please send it again. And again. And again.
Posted by norfair 23rd June, 2006

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd June, 2006

You might want to read your own mail there norfair.
Posted by norfair 23rd June, 2006

LOL did at where you spectuacular in such learn talking at shit? That's awesumness!

Very fine italian-like figuring, such a fine methaphoric use of cute terms comes new o me, what is can be said for sustaining a delightful speech for cause! ^_

Oh, my mails were just about involving you in some more other nice masculine sound projects, sorry if I've offended you by touching your very delicate sensibility, but at least I 've been descreet by using PM, in order to avoid public manifestation of... your private behaviour, but probably being terrible at that is not a problem for you ^_ .

ps - I'm sexually excited for the success of this game.
Posted by Arneckian 23rd June, 2006

norfair, shut the fuck up. Admins, can you consider deleting norfair. He has just fucked this comments page up with useless shit. Not to mention his anti-scoial behaviour to others. I think I will nickname you Evil Kitty. And why have you picked out everything you think is bad about Naac. Do you have a vandetta against Monkey Soft or somthing? Or mabye you just love his "great sexual masculine sound" What ever it is get over it and like I said, shut the fuck up. I diddnt really want to write this but I hate people like you.
Posted by norfair 24th June, 2006

I love when there are answers like that.

Tyscorp' one is clever, raw senseful and right:
I can get them even with my soft language and without insulting anyone, the exercise works whoah.
These come when the game here inside the game works. Thats why I love it: fun, bugless, infinite wide in improvisation, and multiplayer.

And I'm already perfectly agree with you tyrscorp, but please, at least dont ever try to hide or forget how great obtained answers of the wacky italian guys were; you'd destroy my goals. ^_

ps - Evil Kitty sounds nice I like it. Use it!
Posted by Monkey Soft 24th June, 2006

Finally you made your point clear.

well... it's a shame we have such a different sense of humor. Really a pity. We could all have fun, you're such a egoist

Anyway I upload a new strip, that, incidentally, it's about our sexy voice. It has been drawn some time ago, though.

Same address:
Posted by norfair 24th June, 2006

I wonder how my sense of humor could be ever involved here.
Maybe your perception of irony makes you feel like I'm trying to be funny against people like you who are unintentionally funny already.

Posted by Monkey Soft 24th June, 2006

Well it's YOU that find all this things funny... I think your sense of humor is obviously involved.
Posted by norfair 24th June, 2006

oh, that's interesting:

Sense of humor, in passive.
Posted by Monkey Soft 24th June, 2006

"A sense of humour is the ability to *experience* humour, a quality which all people share, although the extent to which an individual will personally find something humorous depends on a host of absolute and relative variables, including, but not limited to geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education and context."
Posted by norfair 24th June, 2006


tha game topic is totally fucked up, since is necessary to find out something else in order to keep complaining with me.

careful, you're becoming embrassing.

Try to be more rational keeping in mind what was meant in our terms here, instead of ripping off useless definitions, understanding that "experience" doesnt provide the same meaning of "perception".

One here works in active, yours, other one in passive, mine.

I know you're able to get a quick definition, you're great, but If you dont fully manage the language, or better, the sense of my meaning, (even you say to have understand my clear point) but why the hell you want to complain about that? This way I'm right as being able to make fun with you.

can you... get it, instead of falling lower?

awesome, only with people like you is possible to get this kind of arguments. And you was the one who suggested to ignore me, lol.
Posted by Monkey Soft 24th June, 2006

THIS is funny... you think you are right just because you think you are making fun with me. lol

I replied just because I just wanted to try that game inside the game thing. And I'm really having fun.

Eventually, you were right.
Posted by norfair 24th June, 2006

That's not I think to be right, thats just the obvious explaination of what the heck goes on.

pathetic attempt of emulation tho. ^_

and nice game try, you pwnable n00b.
Posted by NaaCDudE 24th June, 2006

I don't think that admins must ban Norfair, it's a very funny thing having continuos conversations about the game. Probably Norfair play our games every time and like it every time ehehe, soon I'll try to make an hentai game with Samus so Norfair will start to love BloodyMonkey Software
Posted by steve 24th June, 2006

This game is awesome! The final boss is a bit hard to beat (But I noticed it is composed of Active Pictures, time to make the heart 3x bigger )
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th June, 2006

He's gone.
Posted by DaVince 24th June, 2006

Oof. I was very annoyed when I went through this page.

I shall now download the game.
Posted by Arneckian 26th June, 2006

I retract the comment "Admins, can you consider deleting norfair." I earlier made.
Posted by Willy C 26th June, 2006

Cool game, really addictive... Although, it annoyed me extremely that when I finally got a score of over 8 000 000 that would put me on the hi-score list- the game crashed!!! Thumb up, though!
Posted by Beppo 26th June, 2006

And GOTW finally gained!! Put it into norfair ass...
Posted by Greasy 26th June, 2006

Tyscorp... too late. hah
Posted by Monkey Soft 28th June, 2006

Corrected silly bug that prevented Survive Mode to unlock.

You can found a patch on

Or you can simply press Shift+S in main mený.
Posted by RapidFlash 9th July, 2006

Awesome stuff. Very addictive.
Posted by 17th July, 2006

Jesus christ almighty! This is the best MMF-game ever made! OMG!
Thanks a lot for making this!





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