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Gost World
Author: X-Member25298 Submitted: 21st May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 56

Edited By Jose {MultiFlashFusion} on 6/16/2006

Try my first games ever made. Its about a Ghost name "gost" who wants to get free from others. I got random sound and i think yall like it. By the wey i am a bigginer of TGF and if you help me or put a totorial game for me than ill thumbs up of one of your games and ill will give credit for one of the games ill make. By the way here is the Control:

Walk: All the arrows
Shoot lighting: CTRL

You should shoot at monsters and block so you can go to the next level. So hope you have fun!
One of my friends makes good games of his own character. he is goo but im not but soon i will be good at this. then when i am a pro i will help my friend with his games and my own and then youll love what i will do but only if i have help in it. Thank

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Posted by Milo 21st May, 2006

lol Very basic, but soon you'll find you can make AI and such
Posted by axel 21st May, 2006

n00b/fake account
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd May, 2006

what exactly is a fake account? or more or less how do you get one, i don't understand it.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd May, 2006

anyway this could use a huge improvement, work on your games a bit harder before you submit them
Posted by Killerjedi 22nd May, 2006

Ahh, take it easy on the guy. He's new to the whole thing. I bet your first game was as bad if not worse than this.

You know, I almost jumped to make fun of this game for a lot of things (the one that stood out the most was the use of the default lives counter image), but now I remember a time when all of that stuff was new, and even the crappiest game was really cool because it was *mine.*

Anyway, for the creator of this game: work hard! Keep learning, you'll find game programming/design (whether through Click products or not) is extremely rewarding. I do have one major warning, though: don't upload any of your games to the internet for a LONG time. You'll just get crucified, and you won't deserve it. Don't let anyone crush your enthusiasm.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd May, 2006

spose so, quite true actually, my first was absolutely horrible. Atleast this guy knows how to use a hot spot.
Actually alright if you think about it

Change in opinion this is good for first
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd May, 2006

Eight years old...?
Posted by 24th May, 2006

Its to short.. sorry thumbs down!
Posted by 24th May, 2006

im just 8 and a half years old i dont have that kind of imagination
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th May, 2006

Actually, when you're younger you're supposed to have a bigger imaganation.
Posted by 29th May, 2006

Posted by 29th May, 2006

I like it Its nice
Posted by Kazuma 30th May, 2006

Brandon, read the description. The ghost's name is Gost. Hun.
Posted by Anthony {MultiFlashFusion} 8th June, 2006

Sorry cederian but i voted thumbs down because there were no reason of making this game is too short but soon you will improve so dont worry.
Posted by 9th July, 2006

Posted by DaVince 15th July, 2006

lol, who cares?




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