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R.A.M: Saving TPS Beta
Author: Mike D. Submitted: 6th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 44

Some time ago, TPS, a packaging machines supplying company, was getting very famous thanks to the Super Packaging Factories, who works 50 times faster than the usual. It was a briliant idea from Dr.Fokss, but TPS's president never said thanks to him, so he became evil...

Someday, Dr.Fokss attacked, and conquered the 5 Packaging Factories with his Zombie Army. Spooky, a common TPS's worker, decide to save his beloved work place.

R.A.M: Saving TPS is a game that mixes the classic gameplay of Pacman with the fun of Bomberman, but with many twists, like 5 cool powerups, teleports, destructible walls, hidden bonuses, lots of enemies, lots of dots and lots of levels !!!

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Posted by Matt Janes 6th May, 2006

Looks quite confusing.
Posted by 6th May, 2006

looks ok ill try it
Posted by steve 6th May, 2006

sorry I didnt like this much.
It's presented nicely and controls well but the main concept and gameplay is too dull and doesnt require much input from the player.
You need to look at the games that inspired you (Bomberman and Pacman) and work out what made those games fun; because this hybrid is lacking a vital something.
Good effort though
Posted by Mike D. 7th May, 2006

Thanks, I like people who are honest with our work, and you are the first one.
Posted by UF Comtec 8th May, 2006

I liked it. It doesn't require much effort in the first levels, but it gets much harder. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Johnny Look 14th May, 2006

hey! Il liked it, maybe a lot too easy at first but after a while it gets much more harder ! I liked especially the sound effects and music.





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