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V2 Neo: Swarm Of Smiths
Author: JustinC Submitted: 2nd April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 209

Edited By JustinC on 03/04/2006


*New stage: The Chateau
*Cursor over Neo when covered in Smiths to find him easier.
*Power jump: Lets out a shockwave that clears out some Smiths
*Some Sounds

Here it is. Neo: Swarm Of Smiths. You get to play the best part of The Matrix Reloaded. You'll use items that appear to smack a growing number of smiths around the stage to rack up a high score. The stage holds up to 80 smiths. I wanted to do more but it just doesn't handle them all. But 80 gets crazy enough!

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd April, 2006

You mean you get to play the only good part of Matrix Reloaded?

Looks good, downloading...
Posted by JustinC 3rd April, 2006

What are you crazy? There were TWO whole good parts of matrix reloaded. Did you forget about the mansion scene?
I actually made a mansion background for this but its the same level except you get a sword instead of the sign. . .Maybe I'll release it later.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd April, 2006

Oh yeah, that was good too.

I love this game. It's addictive. It could do with a better engine, but still...this is great. Thumbs up.
Posted by JustinC 3rd April, 2006

I put it together in about 4 hours and now I'm addicted to it too. My highest score so far is 32,000.
Posted by Rikus 3rd April, 2006

Hey Justin could you include the cncs32.dll file in the zip it wont work for me without it.
Posted by JustinC 3rd April, 2006

Posted by Rikus 3rd April, 2006

Very cool game, but when i play the game and it starts up the first level i got the following error: "cannot find the specified file make sure the path and file name are correct" after that the game plays but i dont get any sound or music
Posted by JustinC 3rd April, 2006

that would be the avi file which is for the music. I thought it would be in there since the standalone played it for me. . .I guess I'll just stick some midi in there.
Posted by Rikus 3rd April, 2006

Thanks Justin, and again very cool game. Maybe in other versions you can add some more levels? Like after you destroy so many smiths you move on to the next level? That would for sure keep the interest going in the game. Or maybe even you have a certain time limit to kill x number of smiths?
Posted by Rikus 3rd April, 2006

Oh and add some good punching sound-effects to and stuff i noticed there is none of them in the game.
Posted by Assault Andy 3rd April, 2006

The graphics are really great, but the actual gameplay wasn't really that fun. It was basically just mash punch as fast as I could while jumping around randomly and picking stuff up. I think it could have done with a better movement engine, some more moves, and more to it. Good work for 4 hours though.
Posted by alastair john jack 3rd April, 2006

very good for the time taken
Posted by Airflow 3rd April, 2006

The graphics are pretty neat given the time taken.
Posted by Moonyjacob 3rd April, 2006

it aint my kinda cuppa tea...thumbs down
Posted by Pete Nattress 3rd April, 2006

It's pretty slick for a mini game. May I suggest adding a way to make it clearer where Neo is as he sort of blends in a bit too much with the Smiths.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 3rd April, 2006

good work. Platform engine is kool.. Intresting fast action game
Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd April, 2006

@U.2 little bro

what IS your cuppa tea?
Posted by JustinC 3rd April, 2006

Updated to V2 now. Read description for updates.
Posted by Rikus 4th April, 2006

Getting better Now how about a high score table soe we can compete against eachother with scores?
Posted by JustinC 4th April, 2006

I don't know how to do an online high score table or I would have. . . .
Posted by 4th April, 2006

woooooooooooweeee!!!!!! Crazy, but fun! Thumbs up!
Posted by JustinC 4th April, 2006

Well if you think so please click the thumbs up button!
Posted by TimTheMeany 4th April, 2006

good idea, nice concept. shouldve stuck with standard aswd controls with lets say the space bar as the "use weapon" button. People with the imfamous "sticky key" thingy will have a hard time. i know i did. the stupid window kept popping up and for some reason theres no way to shut the damn feature off. if your a regular gamer like me then you wouldnt like using the arrow keys. like i said i wouldve perfered aswd. but i liked the sprites and the idea so i gave a reluctant thumbs up.
Posted by TimTheMeany 4th April, 2006

oh and U.2 little bro... what the hell do you like!? i havent seen you like anything thats been submitted lately
Posted by JustinC 4th April, 2006

There is a way to turn it off, I dealt with that damn sticky keys issue for a while on my other computer. The controls can easily be changed to use / and . for the jump and attack though. In fact you could change them all to whatever setup you want. . .

And my new high score: 42,600! Anyone who beats that should get some DC points or somethin.
Posted by JustinC 4th April, 2006

To Fix Stickykeys (on my computer anyway)

Control Panel>Accessibility Options>Keyboard Tab

Then where it says "Stickykeys: Use if you want to use yada yada yada" Click Settings. there's a check box that says Use Shortcut. Just unclick it.
Posted by Jamesbuc 4th April, 2006

Wow this is VERY cool. Better than the ps2 version where you kick in loads of smiths (I hate the PS2/PC/GC/Xbox/Whatever version)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th April, 2006

Yay! An update! I'll have to update my review for ClickZine...

Posted by JustinC 4th April, 2006

Where can I find this Clickzine?
Posted by DJ Klikster 5th April, 2006

This game's really cool, I'm having a lot of fun playing it. The only problem is, you can stay alive forever on the top platform and just wait for health, so having an online score system would mean nothing.

Aside from that, my only other gripe would be that it doesn't really feel like the Smiths are getting killed (if they even were), which I think would at least give some sense of accomplishment in a game where there's no end. But everything considered, great game!
Posted by JustinC 6th April, 2006

No they don't get killed, since they didn't appear to be getting killed in the scene in the movie either. You get 10 points every time you bash one into a wall. And yeah. . . I know about the "infinite health" thing. This whole time I've been thinking about just removing the health boxes and starting your health off at 1000% instead of 500.
Posted by JustinC 6th April, 2006

(at this point however I didn't see the point in releasing a new version where you can't pick up health. Who would download it now?)
Posted by NamelessOne 6th April, 2006

Great for 5 min if ur bored, in fact i would say its the best game for a five min break. its fun, its free, but only problem is smiths are too fast and there should be more moves in the game, for example, you could add bullet time skill to slow down smiths by 75%, also needs more levels and a more bigger selection of weapons. Lol highest score i ever got was a crappy 5000.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 6th April, 2006

Make the medkits appear on score related events, like in every 5000 points one appear. That way online score would still mean something.
Posted by JustinC 6th April, 2006

That medkit thing might work. And this is definitely a "for 5 minutes when you're bored" type game, but personally, I think that's what more click games should be like, whether a game has 3 levels or 30, the truth is most people here don't ever spend more than 5 minutes playing most click games anyway. How many games have you downloaded and kept on your harddrive for more than a day?
Posted by Airflow 8th April, 2006

43 buy count
Posted by JustinC 8th April, 2006

43 buy count? What does that mean?
Posted by NamelessOne 9th April, 2006

he meant by count, meaning hes kept 43 games for more than one day, and ive kept heaps, i'll name some of the ones i know i kept for more than 1 day. I also reccomend ppl to download those ones

Super Ken Seshi (is that how u spell it, i dunno)

Eternal Daughter ( the BEST GAME ON THIS SITE by far )

Splinter Source (lol if u read my profile and the comments ull know why i like it)

Wandering Fighter (um just very fun to play)

A Game With A Kitty (fun too)

The New SatanSam

Captain Of The Guard

Silent Night:FEA

I'm OK

Swarm Of Smiths
Posted by Tomssuli 9th April, 2006

hmm... let's try this
Posted by Tomssuli 9th April, 2006

Not bad, could use more moves... a kick or something, with a keyboard combo. Nice fast game anyway





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