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Sejf (Safe)
Author: NeTRaY [PL] Submitted: 18th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 45

This is a really simple game inspired by all those japanese dancing games.
The aim of the game is to open a safe by entering a correct combination. Just press arrows when they are in the red circle.
This game was made for on-line hiscores, that's why it may seem a little bit boring without them .
The game is in Polish, but i do not think that the translation is neccessary.
There is also an online version (Vitalize) at:

Have fun!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 18th March, 2006

This looks decent, but it's very easy for a long time. Top marks for using Jazz Jackrabbit music, though.
Posted by Joe.H 18th March, 2006

dobry gra (if that's right, my polish is a little rusty )
It get's a bit tedious after a while though, maybe consider making the circle get a bit smaller the more the game progresses?
Posted by LaraSoft Software 18th March, 2006

I worked on a project similar to this - I'm referring to the dance-beat engine not the game theme - but I never finished it up. I should try it again I'm going to take a look at this
Posted by KamileekPL 18th March, 2006

Ιωσηφος, "dobra gra"
Little translation of menu for lazybones
Start - Start
Pomoc - Help
Opcje - Options
Koniec - Exit
In options - Odłogsy - sounds, muzyka - music
Easy, isn`t?
Posted by Joe.H 18th March, 2006

it is easy if you're fluent in polish, which i'm not
Posted by 19th March, 2006

Look's funny
Posted by vortex2 19th March, 2006

Cool little game, although yeah it does get a bit boring after a bit.
Posted by BeamSplashX 20th March, 2006

What's with the tied-up chick? Is she a hostage? You should have an animation of her getting killed if you fail and have the thief curse her out for not cooperating. Or not.
Posted by NeTRaY [PL] 20th March, 2006

let's say I was tryin' to increase the number of potential players and decided not to do anything with the chick
Posted by DaVince 20th March, 2006

Nice little game, though when you make a mistake later in the game, you have ABSOLUTELY NO SECOND CHANCE, which is kinda annoying.
Posted by 20th March, 2006

Nice game but this get's boring fast,I gave up on stage 7.
Posted by Reno 20th March, 2006

Yes, I got bored too. It needs to go much faster for level one. I hated losing because then I would have to start over
Posted by 23rd March, 2006

I agree...
Posted by Nova Soft 23rd March, 2006

I suspect some GOTW cheating is going on here. This shouldn't even have half the votes that the amazing 'Barfer Sickmess' has...

Point of note: This game has 16 downloads and 15 GOTW votes... Hmmmm
Posted by NeTRaY [PL] 24th March, 2006

NovaSoft but this game has also an online version so it does not have to be downloaded...

If you think that there is some kind of cheating, admins should check it.
Posted by NeTRaY [PL] 24th March, 2006

it's not my fold that it (Berfer Sickmess) is awesome and it is not my fold that someone actually votes for my game and I really cannot say that it makes me sad, because those votes are far more important than GOTW title, but calling me a cheater without any proofs isn't really OK, hmmm, it is something like cheating, just to stop peoply voting for Safe...
To Phizzy: Just look where the link to the vitalized version is... in the description, not in download links. It was my mistake beacause it was my first submition. So all players who actually play vitalized version are not counted by this site
Posted by NeTRaY [PL] 25th March, 2006

I'm trying... did you run out of arguments? Pathetic!
Posted by Radix 26th March, 2006

This has more votes than downloads. There's absolutely some fishy goings on.
Posted by Noyb 27th March, 2006

I think he's saying that people would be more inclined to click the link to the Vitalized version than to actually download it, which is what would cause TDC to register a download.




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