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Santa's Sleigh
Author: TimTheMeany Submitted: 10th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 40

Edited By TimTheMeany on 10/03/2006

Edited By TimTheMeany on 10/03/2006

OH NOO! Santa had some bad eggnog. NOw he's delirious and on a rampage. The elves and raindear are trying to stop him but you wont let that happen. even rudolph has joined the frontline agains you.

controls-arrows move your sleigh
-control fires presents
-presents wont fire if your present meter is completely gone until it fills back up.
-when your gas meter is filled press shift to fire special

i didnt exaclty make this game. legendkpr did but he didnt want to submit it so he allowed me to. i did help though. we did this as an all nighter the day before the christmas compo was over and try to get it in but failed.

features an online scoreboard!

oh and the music is jason orme's

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Posted by Cecilectomy 10th March, 2006

haha, indeed...i didnt sleep at all.
Posted by Hempuli 10th March, 2006

Posted by 10th March, 2006

Very boring..
Posted by BeamSplashX 10th March, 2006

I would play it if it had more acid trip-inspired imagery. In this state it's simply too plain looking.
Posted by 11th March, 2006

Errrm BeamsplahX are you british??? and looks to bad to download.
Posted by TimTheMeany 11th March, 2006

hey.. i never said it was good.. and dont point at me either..
Posted by BeamSplashX 12th March, 2006

I sound British? JOY! Sorry, I'm just a plain old boring American, though technically I should be more Indian.

And like I said, more drugs (and some gameplay too, please).
Posted by izac 14th March, 2006





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